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How inspiration manifests faith

“Faith is not the belief that God will do what you want. It is the belief that God will do what is right.”
― Max Lucado

If a person believes in God, nothing can stop them from reaching success in this life or the Hereafter. There could be instances when there will be struggles and hardships, yet an individual’s faith in God should remain steady as it assures calmness. The tough times are a sign that the times of blessings will soon arrive. Some people manifest inspiration in the world, which ultimately leads to a strong belief in God. The life of Late Salvation Army Senior Commissioner Joseph Dahya has been inspiring as he dedicated all his life to serving the Salvation Army, a worldwide movement and part of the widespread Christian church. The Salvation Army’s work is centered around the Bible, and it aims to talk about the life of Jesus Christ and meet the needs of the people in God’s name without any unfairness. God has looked after His people, and Dahya has carried out all his duties with the utmost care to please God. Dahya worked with immense admiration and reverence for the Salvation Army as he dedicated his whole life to serve it in all kinds of capacities.

Self-motivation as an asset

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.”
― Arthur C. Clarke

External factors could pressure an individual to feel constrained, yet it is essential to be self-motivated. Even though there were difficulties in Dahya’s life, he thrived through them and survived each kind of setback. Dahya had a religious upbringing which helped cultivate his appreciation for the blessings that were bestowed upon him. Dahya was compassionate and, since he was a child, wanted to dedicate his life to serve others. Dahya attended the R.C. Primary Salvation Army School in Ahmedabad until fourth grade. Dahya then went to the l. P. Mission High School near Victoria Gardens, in fifth standard Gujrati and second standard English. As a child, Dahya was inquisitive and wanted to learn. As he had a grip on languages, Dahya would pertinently practice them and soon became an expert.

Dahya joined the Surgical Ward in Emery Hospital in 1921 to prepare for his mission to join the Salvation Army. After devoting a few months at Emery Hospital, Dahya joined the Training Garrison. At this time, Lieutenant Dahya took over the responsibility of being a Cadet Sergeant. Due to Dahya’s excellent work ethic, he was given a promotion as a Finance Department Cashier to give his expertise in Gujarati, Marathi, and English. Dahya’s dedication and everlasting fondness for the Salvation Army were clear in his services. Dahya was later selected as the Territorial Commander by International Leaders and took part in the Salvation Army’s International Training College for officers in London, UK. Dahya’s steady commitment and influence in his line of work led him to be ranked as a Brigadier. Dahya received the Honorary Citizen of Atlantic City’s title and was honored at an afternoon gathering by Queen Elizabeth II in the Buckingham Palace for his contribution during the centennial celebrations of the Salvation Army.

Fearlessness as a strength

“Becoming fearless isn’t the point. That’s impossible. It’s learning how to control your fear and how to be free from it.”
― Veronica Roth

It is evident when an individual is fearful yet having the ability to control is the real task. When people start to face their fears and truly appreciate how far they have come, they will make fearlessness their strength. Dahya was a man who truly believed in being brave and powerful. Dahya spent all his life working towards building a world around him that is compassionate and grateful. Dahya was immensely dedicated to the Salvation Army and respected it as he worked diligently to serve it with all his might. Dahya penned down and published several successful books in his lifetime. Dahya gave his time as A.D.C. to General Albert Orsborn on his journey to Pakistan and India between 1947 and 1948. Dahya then gave his service as an Acting Territorial Commander to Northern India-Territory in its Headquarters. The following year, Dahya was elevated to the rank of Lieut.-Colonel. As a year passed, Dahya was given the honor to be Commissioner, and soon his praiseworthy dedication to the Salvation Army led him to become “Senior Commissioner.”

Dahya was pleased as it was a moment of gratitude for him as he had anticipated living a life similar to his father’s. When Dahya was working to achieve his mission, he put in a lot of hard work to attain it. As Dahya got successful in his endeavors, he continued to be modest and headed on his journey toward being consistent in his work. Dahya’s commitment and ethics got him a nomination as an international delegate to the World Council of Churches Conference at Evanston, USA. Dahya was later given the rank of Territorial Commander for northeastern India and later for the Southern Indian Territory.

The World Council of Churches conference, Evanston USA. Commissioner Joseph Dahya representing the Salvation Army – seated back row, extreme left

Dahya retired in 1975, yet his infinite desire to serve his people with dedication and commitment persisted. Since Dahya had an endless enthusiasm to stay determined, he presented his services even after being retired in numerous roles in the Western India Territory. Dahya’s soul left the world in 1996, and he was given the honor of Glory due to the gentleness and kind-heartedness he gave to everyone.

Being strong is a choice and requires immense dedication. Usually, when an individual becomes strong, they have no choice. Dahya’s immaculate services and dedication to the Salvation Army show that he truly believed in enlightening the people surrounding him. Dahya wanted to contribute his time and energy to his environment and make it a sound place to survive by dedicating his life to the Salvation Army. By taking out time and promising his time to humankind, Dahya has unlocked opportunities for the youth who want to serve others around them. Dahya’s life has been an inspiration that truly strengthens faith in God.

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