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Fernando Berdegué Inspires Change Through Action

Curiosity is innate in most children, but as we grow and mature, sometimes our minds can lose sight of what could be as we accept how things are. This is not the case for Fernando Berdegué. He is a natural-born explorer who has had the privilege of being exposed to many different people, mindsets, governing ideologies within social constructs, and universal issues that plague the world. Fernando has made it his life’s mission to take on the things he has learned and back initiatives that will have a positive impact on the global community.

Fernando’s family was exiled in the Spanish Civil War, starting over in Mexico as immigrants. His extensive exposure to various cultures has allowed him to obtain intimate insight into how social beliefs affect behaviors and mentalities. He is welcoming of all cultures and seeks to understand so that he may have influence in sustainable living and practices in vital industries.

As a by-product of the tropic of Cancer, Fernando is familiar with the natural biodiversity of ecosystems. Nature has always called to him, “I became a fisherman and surfer when I was a kid and later a hunter.” His hunting exploits led him to Africa, which then led to conservation and breeding efforts of scarce species. “I started embracing the real meaning of conservation, a concept which I now try to live by.” This ideology was birthed inside his heart, leading him away from hunting and into a new area of exploration which needed attentive sustainable efforts: mining.

His mining and exploration company, Durango Gold, focuses on sustainable development. Getting started in mining, he had to adhere to industry standards while he was amassing funding, but more profits allow him the opportunity to apply his own ideas, “I understood I needed immense amounts of capital to test ideas that are not necessarily attractive or common… ideas that involve managing ecosystems and innovation in the sustainable development realm.”

Fernando Berdegué’s vision of greater commitment to sustainable development starts with the local communities, which he hopes to actively involve in his efforts. His conscious business model strives to leave a light footprint on the ecosystems while creating high-impact in the world. His upcoming projects include authoring a book and inspiring the concept of shared value within his industry. His goal of continuing to contribute to the greater good of humanity is prevalent in all his endeavors.

To keep up with Fernando and his work and conservation efforts, check him out on Instagram, @fernando_berdegue

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