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R-Solar Founder Roni Ben Michael Is Expanding Solar Power Around the World

Though conventional sources of energy have been essential in driving the global economy, there has been an increasing need for the world to go the green energy way. The looming global warming crisis is a significant concern for the world, and one of the best ways to contribute to the campaign against global warming is through the adoption of solar power energies. 

The world is supplied with unlimited sunlight that can be tapped and converted into electrical energy for domestic and industrial use. It has also proved to help reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels, thus saving the environment. 

However, it’s alarming to see how reluctant the larger population is towards adopting this kind of energy. This has promoted the effort of environmentalists and green energy proponents such as Roni Ben Michael to help raise awareness and encourage the use of solar energy around the world. 

Roni is the founder of R-SOLAR Group, a leading company in Israel with extensive experience in installing solar systems, networked and independent, adapted to each structure. R-SOLAR Group also executes several infrastructures work such as high voltage work, alongside additional services, including licensing, design, supply of equipment, installation, and connection to a network with capabilities independent of planning and engineering. The company has many years of experience building and maintaining hundreds of systems in Israel and abroad. They specialize in solar energy, construction and maintenance, finance, safety, and control to serve their clients with nothing but the best. 

Serving as the CEO, Roni wants to make an impact all over the world by providing solar power, which has the potential to change lives. He has impacted thousands of lives in Israel, where he was also awarded as the leading company that promotes renewable energy in the country. Roni takes pride in having scaled to the international stage with ongoing projects in Kenya, Cambodia, the USA, Ethiopia, Italy, Guinea, Chad, Greece, Ukraine, Romania, and Zimbabwe. He considers them to be flagship projects for more major projects in the coming years. 

Despite the low solar uptake, Roni is still confident of expanding and reaching more people. He believes that the world is gradually becoming aware of solar energy’s potential, a good reason for him to continue putting in the hard work. Roni’s major challenge was establishing 100 megawatt solar systems within three years. This was a massive project, and he considers it one of his significant achievements to accomplish it within this timeline. It also motivates Roni and his team to aspire to accomplish even greater projects. 

To everyone out there, Roni believes that you have a role to play in the global warming campaign. Installing solar panels in your home or office will be more than enough. He also challenges you to share the need to go the renewable energy route with others as that’s the best way to save the planet for future generations. Roni’s dream is to scale and establish a solar farm in every country in the world. 

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