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IMC Nation World Wide from Thirty Countries 

The philosophical tornado of the highest form of personal ethics, integrity, morale, and uncompromising  standards in communication and relationships has moved through the hearts and minds of thousands of  individuals. The bell of truth that IMC NATION has rung, trickles through the ears of each member for them to find  their true voice and share the IMC Philosophy within their communities. Through constant study and workable  practices each leader finds peace in the pieces of life wherever he finds himself to be. As a result, his ability to  handle life where most find failure, naturally places him in a position of the highest forms of survival. No matter  how difficult the task, a Senior’d IMC Nation leader will have the basic philosophies and training to succeed and  achieve at an unprecedented pace and measure. 

With physical, tactical, and mental curriculum based on stoic philosophy, Martial Arts, mental warfare,  marksmanship, and yoga from the east and the west. Each member trains to be an elite contributor to the public  through influencing his peers and family by exemplifying the IMC Philosophy. They also gain higher abilities and  knowledge in the handling of their own lives just by being affiliated with the leaders registered into IMC Nation.  The philosophical mindset of IMC Nation has been procured and cultivated by Arash Zepar Dibazar(AZD). With  credentials including, a practicing Pastor; specialized in trauma and recovery relief, multiple Blackbelts in Martial  Arts including Brazilian Jujitsu, a successful sole proprietary business that has lasted over twenty years in fitness  and the mindset of success coaching. He is a licensed hypnotherapy expert and practitioner, who also is an  advanced practitioner of transcendental meditation. AZD has created a strategic way of living life and is teaching it  every day.  

This private institution consists of attending AZD’s daily courses which require an invitation to apply in hopes of  receiving acceptance to maintain membership within the IMC Nation community. Most of the enrolled male role models are dispersed throughout the world. IMC Nation has officially deemed active memberships in thirty  countries. Each country has representatives that are cultivating and running the specified chapters throughout  each day to continue the global expansion. The world needs leaders who can think for themselves, men who live  their daily lives protecting and providing for their families. Keeping then as far as possible from potential harm. IMC Nation consists of men who are self-reliant first, then can look at their communities and help where there is  suffering. Whether it is human trafficking, fighting the disease of pedophilia, and desensitized youth; or figuring  therapeutic treatments for chronic diseases, or body ailments, the processes formulated by AZD allows the  individuals enough time to help their communities heal and succeed and make the world a better place for all.

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