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Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Dr.Joe Vitale Gives 100% Of Profits to Charity

Dr.Joe Vitale who is one of the most recognizable faces in personal development as a multiple new york times bestseller and lifetime achievement award recipient is donating 100% of proceeds from a program to help people affected by the war in Ukraine.

Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient Joe Vitale

His global reaching program “The 3-Pillars of Zero Limits” was created in a flash of divine inspiration bringing together over 35+ years of expertise and teaching millions of people all over the world how to get more from life, unlock their maximum potential and free themselves from the chains that have held them back.

As the star of “The Secret” movie, international best selling author of over 90+ books, Dr. Joe Vitale was searching for a concrete and repeatable method to bring all his knowledge and expertise into ONE definitive system anyone can use anywhere.

He has stepped up and decided to use his celebrity to make a tangible difference to support the families that have been impacted by the violence of war. It is for good reason he was named the Los Angeles Tribune Lifetime Achievement Award recipient last year as he has continued to lead by example.
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