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Culture Weekend LA is a shining example of Black Excellence.

Music conferences are a daunting task. The events are usually predicated around the participation of a extensive list of major label executives and an assortment of key  industry power players. Generally, the average attendee gets as close to special guests as their seating arrangement allows and spend much of their time with limited access unless they’ve invested tens of thousands into premiere VIP options. Culture Weekend LA however, took a very different approach. Last week’s 3 day event weekend came across as more of a artist alliance program then a traditional conference, empowering attendees with 

in-depth time and access to industry professionals and concentrated opportunities. The weekend’s creator, recording artist Devin White, has connected key partnerships and collaborations to the brand that were previously developed. White’s 2016 touring platform “The Rel Carter Culture Tour” takes center stage as one of the weekend’s primary draws. The ‘Culture Tour’ was launched in collaboration with Rel Carter, Roc Nation music executive and nephew of hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. Since it’s inception, Rel Carter has gone on to create additional strides throughout the music industry with a array of successful touring and music education based programming. The Roc Nation executive is currently in production for his sophomore album compilation project “No Handouts 2”, which launched it’s official search for artist last week as apart of Culture Weekend. These sort of tangible opportunities exhibit a distinctive contrast to the classic music conference, providing attendees with real-time benefits if they are creatively prepared to take action. The music album’s open call saw long-lines through most of it’s afternoon, with registered attendees from all across the country traveling for their shot to network and get involved. Devin White’s ambition to provide authentic creative support is not only woven through the weekend’s events, but is also present within his individual journey. White’s trajectory after 2016’s Culture Tour took a tremendous leap including collaboration projects with Ne-Yo, an executive position within Janet Jackson’s label team and a brief stint as head of music for the since dissolved virtual tech company Teooh. Constantly, White has inserted artist driven rhetoric and advantage into every platform or occasion, most recently with the launch of the music distribution brand Soundcheck. Multimillion dollar urban media brand Hip Hop Weekly Magazine also found it’s space inside weekend festivities with Imminent Breakthrough, a hip-hop driven concert tour that launched last year under White’s guidance. The media brand more recently announced a deeper platform partnership with the tour transitioning into a independent awards platform by the same name slated for end of the year. Overall the Culture Weekend, in all it’s casual glory provided the one thing that is incredibly rare with music programming events, authentic connectivity. Attendees weren’t showered with hours of dialogue or grandiose gestures of engagement, rather they were addressed directly and intimately, allowing the chance for relatable conversation and comfortable exchange. The weekend came across as not only a successful display of unity in hip-hop, but it also showcased that there is a power in detailed simplicity, that urban events can happen free of the need of massive security and red tape and that things truly are better when everything works together. Culture Weekend has asserted itself as a weekend that’s truly about what it promotes. 

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