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Calvin Garwood’s Journey Through Hardship Has Made Him a Success

At the age of 30, Calvin Garwood has established himself as a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist positively impacting the world. Calvin is a notable wealth creator mentoring and coaching individuals to adopt an open-minded mindset essential to drive their success. Calvin shares a genuine passion for people and seeing others succeed, whether it benefits him or not. He genuinely loves to see people grow and step into their true selves. Calvin takes pride in being a firm believer in wealth creation and philanthropy and believes everyone has the potential to achieve success.

 “I have been homeless in Kenya, pursuing business. After spending ten months in Kenya, I was homeless. I sacrificed funerals, birthdays, weddings, and my health. I was knocked over on New Year’s Day. I dislocated every bone in my hand while in Kenya but despite all of this continued traveling around Kenya doing meetings and educating myself on business daily. After ten months with no results to show, saddled in debt and depression, I came back to London. After speaking to my mentor, I dug further into my education on specialized knowledge, furthering my self-development,” Calvin explains.

Wealth creation, to Calvin, is about getting individuals to understand that although money can’t solve every problem, it can take away some of the everyday worries. Calvin shares his first-hand experience. Paying rent on time was the least of his fears at one point as he barely had food to eat, but it never stopped him from working hard.

Sometimes reaching the ultimate goal will also require you to let go of what seems right at the time. Who would’ve thought a young boy growing up in a single-parent household would give up an opportunity to play semi-pro football to pursue a full-time entrepreneur career? He says, “No one believed I’d give up the opportunity that most young men dream of, but I knew that passive income and impacting people was what I truly desired. I control my passions, I control my thoughts, and I enjoy showing like-minded individuals that they too can earn passive income.” 

If you struggle to identify your strengths or objectives in life, Calvin has a few words of wisdom to guide you. He highlights financial freedom as one of the major hurdles that many are trying to find. You can start your own business or provide a service for others. Those who provide a solution for problems in business can make a substantial income. For instance, Jeff Bezos developed Amazon to help consumers and to empower businesses and content creators to maximize their success. This original idea has spearheaded his success and he has become a guru in the business world. 

Calvin is working hard to expand and extend his impact. His dreams and aspirations are to continue to impact millions to help them find success and financial freedom. Part of his career objectives is to go down in history as one of the global philanthropists positively impacting lives and inspiring. It’s an ambitious goal, but Calvin is motivated to make it a reality in the coming years. 

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