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For Javier Font, Inspiration is the Driving Factor in Business and Life

Inspiration can come from many places. For Javier Font, he found his inspiration in the darkest of places, using the desperation to propel him into different circumstances and change the future for his family. Javier’s determination paid off, but his reach went so much further than just his family. He is now helping thousands of people just like himself accomplish the change they need.

Javier grew up in a broken home, watching his mom work 3 jobs while his grandmother took care of him and his siblings. The brokenness in his home led to brokenness in his heart and he suffered the consequences of poor choices as a young adult. Through the encouragement of his father, at 23, he made a move across the country to Florida for a fresh start, which became the turning point of his life’s trajectory.

With $2,500 to his name and no prospects available, he worked for a time at Disney, but couldn’t find his purpose in the corporate world. Shortly after moving, a traumatic breakup landed him at a crossroads where he could either turn back or push forward. During this low point, he found hope in God and pressed on toward his goal of freedom and influence. He knew he wanted to have an impact and make a difference, “Success is not determined by how much success you have, but on how many lives you inspire to become successful.”

He began in real estate and worked hard to build an empire worthy of the calling he felt in his life. He evolved from real estate agent, to broker, to investor, to educator. Font’s Statewide Realty is his brokerage that that helps people buy, sell, invest, and rent, running a team of 12+ agents. Statewide Home Solutions, LLC is his property investment firm. And After Hours Success, LLC is his educational platform aimed at mentoring students in all aspects of real estate.

Javier Font aims to inspire people to dream and achieve their goals, “I am just a normal person that took massive action to achieve his goals.” His 12+ years as a real estate investor have given him the experience and tools needed to empower others in the industry. He looks forward to establishing his own non-profit and desires to reach youth in low-income and broken homes, hoping to inspire them to reach out to God and relentlessly pursue the best version of themselves. Advocating for a life well-lived is at the core of his heart and purpose, both as a professional and as a person.

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