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Puya Ghandian Motivates People to Achieve Success by Taking Ownership

Fear is a self-preservation instinct meant to keep you from harm and minimize risks. However, living in fear and doubt can also hold you back from realizing your full potential. Many times, fear stems from a lack of information. Puya Ghandian is a motivational speaker and life coach that seeks to provide the tools needed to overcome fear and achieve more.

Puya first discovered the world of personal development when he was given a book, The Slight Edge. This small gesture was the turning point of his life, prompting him to embark on a journey of perpetual personal development. Applying the strategies and principles learned, he quickly scaled the corporate ladder and eventually branched out on his own, becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Puya now runs a company focused on coaching and training entrepreneurs through mentorship programs. “Our passion is to help train, motivate, and coach entrepreneurs on a different mindset and sales strategies that will help multiply their businesses in a short period of time.” As the “Chief Mindset Officer” for entrepreneurs around the globe, he helps people take control of their lives and make changes that produce results.

Quality of life is foremost in Puya Ghandian’s mind, desiring to pass on the benefits he has experienced, “I have been blessed throughout my life with incredible mentors and coaches to help guide me along my path… that’s what led my heart to be in the industry I’m in today.” His dedication to helping others has placed him in a position to help entrepreneurs and leaders develop their skills and find success.

A passion for personal and professional development has allowed Puya Ghandian to produce $1 billion in sales over the last 10 years, partner with major organizations like Tony Robinson, tour with various international conferences with more than 40,000 in attendance and become the #1 earner in Neora. He wants his legacy to reach farther than the current generation, hoping to spur a global conversation about alternative food and energy sources to increase our planet’s longevity and future generations can also enjoy quality of life.

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