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Brian Iregbu Creatively Finances Real Estate Without Traditional Loans

When Brian Iregbu decided he wanted to make a major change in his life, taking control of his time and money, he had nowhere to go but up. He was inspired by real estate moguls who had managed to create an empire out of nothing, but he didn’t have any investment capital saved or the credit for loans. Regardless of how his prospects appeared, he persevered and discovered creative solutions that have allowed him to finance $3 million in real estate assets to date without ever needing to qualify for a loan.

Before deciding to branch into real estate, he was working with Exxon Mobile earning 6 figures. His life was comfortable, but he wanted to enjoy time with his family rather than spending every day in his 9-5 building someone else’s dream. His ability for seeing possibilities in a unique way has enabled him to scale his real estate investment business, exceed his previous income, and provide an early retirement for his wife.

Determination has been the foundation to achieving his vision. He didn’t let fear get in the way, but rather let it guide him into the unknown, combating the fear through lessons learned from mentors and others with success in the industry. “Fear is a great indicator that you are moving in the right direction,” he says of his journey. With perseverance, he has earned freedom over his life and time, choosing to spend it with those who matter the most and teaching others to do the same.

Brian provides mentorship through free content and resources as well as through his coaching platform, Creative REI Academy. He has helped thousands of people get into real estate investment and change their own futures. Through his mentorship, creative strategies, and clear mindset, his students have grossed over $1 million collectively so far.

Brian continues to grow his investment portfolio, using what he has learned along the way to provide valuable content for his students. Coming up for Brian Iregbu is the continued development and exposure of his app, Anydeal, aimed to help new real estate investors get started, perpetuating the accessibility of real estate gains for anyone who wants to participate.

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