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Stackboi Tank: A YouTube Sensation Whose Story Inspires Young Music Enthusiasts Around The Globe

Chanz Miller (a.k.a Stackboi Tank) – a rising music artist, a YouTube sensation, and an entrepreneur is from the city of Detroit, Michigan. Chanz inspires millions and millions of people every day with his success story containing the elements of hard work, smart work, and determination. It also demonstrates how Chanz made it from having nothing to having everything in a short span of time, which is quite commendable.

After leaving school, Chanz was left with no other option but to follow his heart and work towards his goals. By hustling each and every day, he made a fortune that people these days wish for! He began his music career right after he became a dad to a beautiful baby girl who inspired him to do better with each passing day. Since then, Chanz Miller has been “paying the bills with his inspirational lyrics” which is undoubtedly a significant achievement of his life. 

Apart from all the business, fame, and recognition, Chanz has always put his children, a boy, and a girl, as the priority and is a family-oriented musician. When he was a toddler, he had enjoyed music since then, but as he grew up and reached adolescence, problems and troubles started pouring in one after the other. Despite all the hurdles, he didn’t lose his love for music melodies and never stopped dreaming big. During one heart-to-heart interview, Chanz said, “Music once admitted to the soul, becomes a sort of spirit and never dies.” This portrays how deeply he felt for music. 

Chanz has also found his musical family by forming his band known as “The Real StackBoiz” which he has been a member of for the past ten years. Despite the fact that they all have separate active projects, they still perform together on various occasions. Chanz is really attached to his bandmates as they are not just brilliant musicians but also great friends with whom he has seen the highs and lows of life.

Chanz is a firm believer in “Don’t play what’s there, play what’s not there” and takes pride in his profession as a music maker. The Chanz we see today has been making music and putting together appealing melodies since his grade school. He indeed has dedicated his life to music and its various forms by investing his blood, sweat, and tears into it. That is the reason why his musical profession has paid him well not only in terms of economic gains but social gains as well.

Chanz’s narrative and his musical journey of over a million views on YouTube and countless hit songs is undoubtedly an inspiration for young singers and artists, who get demotivated easily and fall prey to disappointment just after one setback. Such people are often seen saying that you can’t make a living out of music, but Chanz is the person who proved them all wrong by following his passion for music, consequently achieving success at just the age of 26.

This is why he has now become a role model for aspiring young entrepreneurs or music artists who are as motivated as him and wish to make a successful career like Chanz. “Believing in yourself is the first secret to success,” said Chanz in one of his interviews. It is definitely a great message to send across the new and emerging talent who look forward to doing something big in life but lack the necessary self-confidence to move towards their goals. 

Like everyone else, Chanz also had a significant turning point that turned his life upside down. It was the murder of one of Chanz’s closest friends in his hometown on July 4th, 2016. Chanz had an awakening after his friend’s untimely death, and his perception towards life completely changed, realizing that he needed to use his musical skills to build up a harmonious community and turn his dreams into reality before it was too late! 

Currently, Chanz has his goals pretty much aligned. He really wants to collaborate with all of the top personalities in the music industry to develop his name further. Chanz is a one-man army who not only gained success in pursuing his aspirations as a music director but also is self-sufficient in providing a life of peace and luxury to his family. Having said that, he has also worked with many big names like Helluva and Antzz Beatz, whose names have been marked off his checklist, hence adding to the already existing good reputation in the music industry. 

When Chanz got the opportunity to address his fans and followers at an event, he said, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do!” Chanz’s success story demonstrates that every dream is attainable if you put your energies in the right direction. 

Everyone has role models in their lives to which they look up to. Similarly, Chanz also had role models in the music industry as he grew up, and he took pride in following in their footsteps to date. He looked up to Lil Wayne, Young Thug, Future, and Hot Boys and, by luck and hard work, became just as well-known as them. You may think that it was all sudden or by chance, but many of you would mind looking at the other side of the coin, which involves constant hustling towards his ambitions day and night, and above all, believing in the power of his music. By taking care of these crucial aspects of his mindset, he finally began to receive accolades and awards for all of his hard work in the music industry. 

Being in the status of power and position, Chanz considers it his duty to inspire and motivate his millions of followers every day to do better in their music careers and benefit the music industry as a whole. “The first step is the hardest to take, and if you do it right, nothing can stop you in your way of becoming a successful musician or even an entrepreneur,” said Chanz in one of his Youtube videos. Moreover, in another interview, he has seen promoting the concept of self-employment as it indeed becomes less of a burden when you pursue your dreams and have fun during the process. That is how life should be!

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