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This World is the only home humans have. But as incredible as it sounds, this small World offers more to everyone than expected. It offers such splendid locations, with diverse histories and even more diverse cultures. Our global reach may have expanded, but the World can still deliver surprises that can take anyone’s breath away. And traveling can expand one’s horizons beyond the regular, the humdrum, the ordinary. Every day people go about their lives stuck in a loop that seems to have no end. However, they find diversions and develop interests to ease the burden of going through the same motions each day. But it can only get one so far, and this sameness starts to eat away at one’s inner self. Look for a drastic change in the scenery. The mundane and the ordinary can become tiresome, and the need to explore starts to take precedence. The only cure for this is to go out and see the World with our own tired eyes. Traveling can revitalize a person in ways that one cannot imagine. Traveling can expand horizons and open minds to the possibilities that no one can imagine before having such a profound experience. The memories that are made remain with one for the rest of their lives. 

Sampling other cultures that have existed and have evolved in ways vastly different than the culture familiar to one. And when one samples the customs associated with those unique cultures, the way the people in far-flung places live, it can expand one’s horizons. What’s unique with this World is the uniqueness of each culture and the experiences that the people of those cultures share with a traveler. But what about the uncertainty associated with traveling to a new, never-before-experienced place? Is it better to learn beforehand about the intended destination? Absolutely! For that, a good, informed travel guide is a good choice. As a traveler, one is far better off learning about their intended destination’s ‘dos and don’ts.’ It is always good to learn a bit about the customs and places to explore once there. Learning about the languages spoken there will be feasible to visit if the traveler doesn’t speak the native language. Also, is the place safe enough to select as a travel destination is the most important question. Some adventure-seeking spirits ignore these indications about the place, but they still benefit from learning something in these guides. So, it is a fact that a good guide can provide basic information that can be used to plan the travel, and the guide can be even better if it is from a traveler who has visited the place themselves. 

With this in mind, in 2014, Antonio Kim Ciccarelli founded Secret World. On a trip with his friends, the idea came to him for building a travel guide that could enable anyone to access vital information for traveling to a destination. The trip taught Antonio Kim Ciccarelli important lessons on how a novice may face unexpected issues and what solution can work in a jam. His experiences spurred him to create a solution accessible to would-be travelers. The result was Secret World. 

Secret World is not just a travel guide; in essence, it is a platform that, besides offering effective travel guides, also offers travelers to share their relevant travel stories and any useful tips that might help another traveler in making their trip a success. The platform also hosts location-based discussions where people can contribute their insights and ask questions about the destination under discussion. Additionally, travelers who unfortunately couldn’t make their trip to a destination can sell their unused tickets to other would-be travelers, natives of the destination can sell guided tour services. Above all, a traveler can offer detailed descriptions of the must-visit locations and places to avoid. And if a traveler made the trip but couldn’t pick up a souvenir, they can pick authentic ones from Secret World. Secret World is an innovative idea, and it shows by helping adventure seekers and travelers around the World. Currently, 100 million visitors each year look to Secret World to provide important insights and information about their travel destinations of choice. With the amazing number of free resources offered by Secret World, the platform has overtaken other great platforms like Lonely Planet, Trivago, and even National Geographic in terms of popularity. The philosophy behind Secret World, of travelers helping other travelers get the most out of their adventure, is what sets it apart.

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