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Veronica Figueroa Leverages Adversity to Reach Success and Pave the Way for Others

Limiting beliefs can hold anyone back, after all, how can you reach something you do not believe exists or is possible? Everyone faces doubt and adversity at some point, but Veronica Figueroa knows that this is a crucial point and can be used as a catapult to overcome the adversity rather than succumb to it.

Verona Figueroa was raised in the military, moving frequently. Her mother was her inspiration, as she witnessed her entrepreneurial spirit time and again with every new station placement. She knew that she wanted to be a business owner and leader in her community from a young age, but when she became pregnant at 16, she had to find creative ways to provide for her new child while still pursuing her dreams of being a female leader and entrepreneur.

She got into real estate and began actively working to break the molds, desiring to be a leading realtor in the industry. Her tenacity and drive brought the success she sought with various industry awards and high national rankings. She never lost sight of her dream, “Success takes time however when you fall in love with your purpose, passion and the process, you will have a level of success that is unstoppable.”

Her focus on mindset, personal development, and professional growth allowed her to persevere through the challenges. “I am a very strategic visionary that is always playing offense and obsessed with the journey of self-improvement and mastering focus.” This made her highly sought after in the industry, which allowed her to launch a coaching platform to help pave the way for other realtors to find their own success.

Veronica Figueroa continues to push for growth as she looks forward to releasing her upcoming book, launching new valuable courses, and developing an International Growth Plan for international agents. She has served on the Zillow Advisory Board, has won major awards, and is a leading thought expert, speaking internationally on critical issues in the industry. She has used her accomplishments in the real estate industry to advocate for women leadership, break barriers, and dare others to think differently.

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