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The Story Behind the Mysterious KunciCoin Co-Founder, Joko Crypto

There’s a new name to know in the crypto world. Joko Crypto is a renowned crypto miner, educator, and motivator reshaping the space. The masked crypto enthusiast is a cryptocurrency hero shrouded in mystery, hailing from Indonesia. He came from humble beginnings to actualize his dreams. Joko was born in a low-income family of skilled laborers and has had to work his way up to find success against all odds. This included buying himself a mining rig from his daily allowance of $10/day. 

From there, Joko learned the industry dynamics, including fixing and maintaining a mining rig and then landing several whale clients. A dynamic and future-oriented entrepreneur, Joko was quick to master how the sector works, transforming it into a $10 million business in a record number of years. 

From there, Joko went all-in in 2017, exploiting any potential avenue on his path. In 2021, after holding ETH for six years, Joko managed to cash out half of his wealth at $150 million, an incredible income that established him as a dominant force in the industry. 

Joko has since established KunciCoin and Kunci, which offers a flexible platform to support crypto applications with real-life utilities, such as crypto-mining, in-game transactions for AAA Metaverse and NFT games built by Kunci even created a redeem and membership function in the hospitality industry currently used in 52 hotels and resorts, a licensed payment gateway (YUKK), and many more. 

KUNCI will also offer investors an NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace to display and trade NFTs, a stacking platform providing rewards in the form of KunciCoins, and an Indonesian government-licensed crypto exchange platform for the transaction and trading of crypto assets.

With only three months of existence, KunciCoin is doing exceptionally well and has been listed in some of the top ten exchanges: Pancakeswap, Bkex, Hotbit, Indodax, Cointiger Bitforex, Incredibly, KunciCoin is also expected to be listed on MexC come March 7, and soon after that on Probit,, Lbank. Joko also shares ambitious plans to have the coin listed on major exchanges such as Bitmart, BitGlobal, Bybit,, Kucoin, and Binance. The goal is to expand its market presence and be available to traders worldwide.

As a one-of-a-kind coin, KunciCoin has set itself apart from the other meme tokens and crypto companies in general with their authentic products and services. Unlike their competition, KunciCoin places a lot of emphasis on utilities other than marketing. This is not meant to take away the importance of an effective marketing campaign, but in reality, a token without real-world use is worthless. This explains why Joko has ensured the development of a triple-A MMORPG Metaverse NFT game, utilities in a licensed payment gateway, government-licensed crypto exchange, and 52 hotels and resorts around the world.

“We see ourselves as the next Solana, with a market cap that can list us as a top 20 cryptocurrency in, listed on Binance, Kucoin, Huobi, and all top exchanges, with a market cap of tens of billions of USD. Our game’s hit millions of active paying users, our crypto exchange ranks top in CMC and CoinGecko, and our hotels and resort utilities are running perfectly,” Joko adds

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