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From Café Lobby to High-Rise Condo, Tyler Hogan Builds Generational Wealth

Building generational wealth seems to be a common prioritized theme today. Everyone wants to do what they can with the opportunities they have to help their children and grandchildren have a better future, filled with opportunity. Tyler Hogan has also focused his efforts on this goal, using the real estate industry as the vehicle to carry him to that destination.

Tyler Hogan worked in a tech company, providing software for real estate businesses. He began to realize the immense potential for wealth generation and decided that he wanted to pursue life as an agent. Tyler was so dedicated and determined to make his dream a reality that he quit his job, moved in with his parents, and took up mowing lawns. It provided him with flexibility in his schedule to focus on planning his move into real estate and allowed him to save up capital for investing.

Tyler has a diversified real estate portfolio, working for buyers and sellers, as a wholesaler, and has investment properties as rentals. His experience working with the tech company gave him some insight into weak areas realtors face and decided to fortify his own business against these factors by focusing on solid planning, education, and client support around the clock.

Tyler started planning his jump into real estate from the lobby of a Starbucks and with very little capital. “The biggest challenge is setting a strong foundation and brand for the company and then figuring out an everyday action plan that is effective.” His planning paid off because in the first year of business he profited over 6 figures. His portfolio includes over $10 million in sales and luxury leases. In his second year, he is projected to double those numbers.

Tyler Hogan has worked hard to make this dream a reality. He plans to build out his real estate team and eventually establish his own brokerage. As his company expands, he also plans to focus on growing his investment portfolio. Being a real estate agent is helping Tyler establish generational wealth for his family and future, and by helping people become homeowners, he is helping them build their own wealth as well.

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