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Elvis Justice Bedi Encourages Hopefuls to Join Digital and International Trading

The popularity of digital and international trading increases by the day, and with that comes an influx of knowledge and information. Wading through the available resources online can be daunting and trying to decipher fact from fiction can be especially difficult for newcomers to the industry. Elvis Justice Bedi hopes to ease this transition for trading hopefuls with his online platform, Serendipity Trade Academy.

Elvis is a medical student but spends most of his time on the international market, trading stocks, currency, and cryptocurrency. His success garnered attention and prompted him to answer the call with an educational solution. He opts for a simple approach, merging effective strategies and personal experience to service his students.

Mindset has greatly influenced Elvis’ success in trading, knowing that if he was going to be committed to his goals, he would need strength of will to persevere and see it through, without growing faint when facing obstacles and the unknown. He leverages the opportunity to learn and grow in unfamiliar territory, “Fear breeds more patience in me… it teaches me to take time and make my analysis right.” He is prompted by the desire for success, always stiving to do more and better as his experience grows.

“I believe success massively speaks for itself,” says Elvis of his reputation in the trading world. Serendipity Trade Academy has served as an outlet for him to share proven strategies and methods that have helped others find success for themselves, as well as an opportunity to learn from others and continue to hone his skills. He encourages others interested in trading to just get started right where you are, however you can. It is a goal worth attaining and dreaming won’t lead to success without action.

Elvis Justice Bedi continues to encourage others to join the world of digital and international training, providing resources and information through his educational platform. Along the same lines, he hopes to establish a school complex up through junior high to help the next generation generate the skills needed for a successful life, as well as a health center in Ghana.

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