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Brock Williams, One of the Top Scoring Guards in NC, Is Taking Over

Brock Williams discovered he wanted to become a professional athlete at 4 years old. This passion started with a mini hoop his mom brought from the store placed on the back of his bedroom door. As Brock grew older, he inherited his dad’s drive and killer instinct, which made him a better basketball player. By the age of 10, he was playing both football and basketball, making it hard to choose between the two. Upon closer inspection, he discovered he derived more joy from basketball than football and made his choice; he’d play basketball all the way into the NBA.

Today, Brock is well on his way to achieving his dream. He is a freshman playing Division 1 basketball at High Point University, North Carolina, where he is also a point guard. Brock boasts a 42 inch vertical and can run a 4.4 40 yard dash, an impressive feat given that he stands at 6’0 and 185 pounds. Few people his height can jump that high, but Brock has had years of practice. His nickname, Brockgodummy, is a testament to his unerring accuracy on the court and his ability to put on a show for fans. This gives Brock lots of satisfaction because it’s all he has ever wanted in his life.

Delana and Carnell Williams, Brock’s parents, had no objections to his ambitions. In fact, they pushed him to become the best Brock he could ever be. They encouraged and sacrificed many things for him as he pursued his dream. On his part, Brock gave his best to the game as he hoped he’d one day make them proud. Kyrie Irving was his greatest inspiration, so he spent his time learning his moves and practicing them to become as good as him. When he saw something he wanted to try, he’d go to his dad, and they’d learn it together every night.

Brock inherited his dad’s drive and killer instinct, which shaped him into a good scorer and playmaker. He attended Burlington Christian Academy in his native North Carolina, where he applied himself and became a formidable point guard. He averaged 34 points per game and 5 assists per game in his freshman and sophomore years of high school. During that period, Brock also received awards for All-State, All-Conference, and Conference player of the year.

In his junior year, Brock transferred to Greensboro Day School, where he averaged 11 points and 4 assists per game. Brock once again received All-State and All-Conference awards after that season. Later, he transferred back to Burlington Christian for his senior year, where he averaged 31.5 PPG and 4 APG. That season, he also had a career-high of 50 points in a single game. Cumulatively, Brock earned 2,318 points in his high school career and was rewarded a 2,000 ball on his senior night. Brock also played AAU with Team Loaded NC, Team Loaded, Athletes In Action All-Stars, and WACG.

In the wake of the new NCAA rules, Brock signed NIL deals with PSD Underwear and Boosted Biz. He is also the owner of his own clothing brand called Brockgodummy Apparel. Brock is thankful he is playing in a time he can earn from his NIL deals and is even more determined to make it to the NBA. He believes that’s one of the best gifts he can give his parents and everyone who’s supported him along the way.

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