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How Colin Guinn’s Gel Blaster is Bringing Childhood Excitement Back Outside

Television and the internet have become a big part of our lives, and it’s quite common for a typical child today to list an impressive number of favorite TV shows off the top of their heads. But how much TV or screen time is healthy for growing minds? While screen time is beneficial to children, it’s even better if done in moderation, taking turns between it and outdoor activities.

However, sometimes it can be challenging to find the perfect outdoor activity, which inspired celebrated entrepreneur Colin Guinn to launch the Gel Blaster. This is a toy blaster filled with eco-friendly, water infused ammo, making it easy to use and less messy.

According to Colin, when creating the Gel Blaster, he wanted a toy gun that is comfortable to use and would motivate children to participate in outdoor activities. Colin and his family all love adventure and own almost every toy weapon available, from airsoft and paintball to foam dart toys, among others.

Despite having multiple toy blasters, he says a major challenge they faced was finding a solution that suited the entire family. Colin explains his older son is too cool for foam darts, and the younger one isn’t yet ready for the sting of beefier weapons, which is a significant problem during playtime.

Additionally, while paintballs and airsoft are fun, they require setup, planning, heavily protective gear, and a lot of clean-up as the place is left messy. With a busy work schedule, Colin and his life partner Christie found themselves missing out on some of these fun activities with their kids, which inspired him to develop the Gel Blaster.

Being a tech enthusiast, the experience and skills he has gained over the years set him apart, allowing him to create a unique and eco-friendly toy blaster. Colin is a high-tech product development expert. He is the founder and CEO of Guinn Partners, an autonomous robotics and emerging technology consultancy. Colin also was the founder of Austin Startup and Hangar Technology. 

His incredible innovations in the tech field have attracted a lot of attention from across the globe, and Colin is one of the most interviewed tech experts on robotics and drone technology.

He says that by developing the Gel Blaster, he wanted something different from the rest—a toy blaster that is easy to use and comfortable for anyone, including smaller kids, which has been made possible through water-based gel pellets. As the Gellets evaporate as soon as they come in contact with any physical object, there’s minimal mess and are less painful, bringing back outdoor fun. Their Gel Blaster is available in different colors and can be customized according to the consumer’s needs.

Colin Guinn and his life partner Christie Woods are introducing a new edge to outdoor fun through his amazing invention. The Gel Blaster SURGE is helping create beautiful memories that motivate kids to take part in outdoor activities. As he continues to thrive, Colin says his ultimate goal is to create more solutions that allow the whole family to jump up off the couch, run into the backyard, and play a game together.

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