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“I Wish” Rapper ZayZayy is ready to give Liberia something new to dream about

Rappers are notorious for representing their hometowns in music, fashion and media. The origins of an MC are a sort of reputation calling card, showcasing their credibility at home as their careers expand abroad. This concept takes a drastically different level of importance for Liberian rapper ZayZayy. His origins are quite different from the traditional hip hop story. Hailing from Liberia where stories of pre-teen soldiers, cannibalism and gruesome war carnage dominate the country’s reputation, Zay is on a mission to not just establish credibility back home, but serve as a symbol of new imagery and legacy for the country at large. The MC’s efforts have not gone unnoticed, most recently his single “HD” was debuted via Revolt TV and garnered heavy interests and he currently sits at over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. The latest release, “I Wish”, is accompanied by a laid back visual directed by Ricoshotme and tells of the rapper’s triumphs beyond the shortcoming of his past relationships. The single underscore’s the story of an artist determined to excel but for reasons maybe that are unfamiliar to his peers. The determination to set a new path for your culture takes an unimaginative amount of vigor, resilience and patience and ZayZayy is showing that he’s undoubtedly up to the challenge.

Catch the debut of the new single now via YouTube:

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