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“From my heart to yours” by G.K. Becomes official Los Angeles Tribune Best-Seller


Today the Los Angeles Tribune is proud to announce that the multi-talented artist known as “G.K.” has a new book project that has officially become a Los Angeles Tribune Bestseller. The acclaimed book is one that is not only unique but also powerful to the reader. Each poem has a depth that is deep and transedental. We are giving this book five stars and naming it as the editor’s choice for the month of March.

G.K. is an eighteen-year-old singer-songwriter and poet. Born and raised in the sunny hills of California, she tends to find herself drinking far too much tea and writing until the most unreasonable hours of the night. She currently resides with her mother and father, older brother and sister and their husky. When she is not writing, she enjoys the company of both her friends and family, and simply just living in the present moment. If you would like to see more of her, you can follow her on Instagram at gabrielawarrenmusic and listen to her original music on every free-streaming music platform.

From My Heart To Yours revisits the five muses: The Abyss, Exoskeleton, Equilibrium, The Unrequited, and The Mending. Each chapter metamorphosizes into a transformative periodical that illustrates the acceptance of growth. The Abyss presents the harboured scars of self-sabotage and emotional betrayal. Exoskeleton refers to the fragility of the soul’s exposure to empathic manipulation and the longing for inner requite. Equilibrium enlivens the spirit with the puerile charm of young love that invigorates virginal attraction. The Unrequited explains the lack of reciprocation in relationships and the silent disingenuity evident in unfulfilled promises. Conclusively, The Mending closes the book with the journey tenderly greeting its ascension with forgiveness. This last section entrusts the reader with courage and prepares them to move forth in the path of compassion and healing.

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