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BY Vyncent De’Vaughn 

Arguably the most important technology revolution in the history of humankind remains the invention of the internet. As our planet’s utilization of it within the global economy continues to evolve into the Web 3.0 era, companies birthed into being from its genesis, continue to push the envelope in regards to the value they provide their intended consumer bases.

Valerie Dawson, the “Queen Bee” of Beehive Software, brings business savvy and meaningful purpose into the newly explored spaces of technological innovation. Controlling the frequency of this design & build tech hive of full-stack developers has led her and CTO Nick Papillon in the direction to curate an organic system of synergy within their budding passion project, which continues to produce sweet results. As the majority owner and CEO of the company founded back in 2018, Dawson systematically manages the day-to-day operations and has developed an efficient five-step system of bespoke crafting for the proficient development of each project. Whether the Beehive’s current focuses are designated for the web, mobile device app store, or a specific decentralized network they are commissioned to focus on, emulating all the elements of a successful hive found within nature has been a primary element of their prosperity within their industry thus far.

For The Beehive Software, the level of intent to innovate in all aspects of a successful startup continues to be the premier focus. Within three years as a bespoke design/development firm, they’ve found continued success establishing themselves as a premier collaborative medium, where creativity and technology intersect for the entrepreneurial-minded individual, in need of digital assistance to bring hope and good to others through their own products and services.  At the core of their business,  achieving harmony for the technological brand identity and creative representation of their clientele remains paramount. Their array of services within the realms of front-end/ back-end design, application development, and consulting  have met the needs of large corporations, and service-focused franchises with locations numbering in the several hundred in Asia. 

The Beehive’s most important contribution to date is a “pollination” project of sorts. One of the brilliant minds within the Beehive, Michael Needleman, spearheaded the idea to launch an open-sourced A.I. engine coded in Typescript, which will be available to all members of the developer community around the globe, starting this Monday on Github .  Needleman, is proficient in A.I., M.L. and Post Quantam Cryptography, and leads the development team here at the Beehive.  Dawson expressed to me that , “ This download will aide any developer who is looking to reuse code; decreasing time and cost to build out clients projects that have A.I. components.” Making contributions back to the community that aids your own development is honorable, and shows where the Beehive’s true aims are as a company. In the Queen Bee’s own words, “ With A.I. being a hot topic, we’re gladly spearheading the path for others to continue to advance their own capabilities, contribute and elevate one another in the A.I. space, as the demand for A.I. technology quickly becomes realized in our Web 3.0 future.” 

I was fortunate enough to migrate down to their offices at the District, in Downtown San Diego’s East Village, to sit with Valerie and Nick and see the inner workings of the Beehive, with my own eyes.  Discovering the unidentified facets of why it’s better to be “buzzed” by the Beehive’s business frequency in one’s economic endeavors, was my ultimate aim. And it’s safe to say, the Beehive’s got the right mentality when it comes to cultivating an environment where individuals with varying skill & experience can thrive as one purposeful entity. 

Vyncent: As Queen Bee & Managing partner respectfully, what was the catalyst that led your decisions to embark upon this entrepreneurial venture? 

Valerie: Largely, I’ve always loved helping people win, it satisfies beyond words ability to adequately convey; that being said, a bespoke design+development agency like ours is able to be a conduit for helping people win day in and day out.  We’re not just proficient with delivering gorgeous aesthetics, our code runs like a swiss watch and we’re passionate about process automation, which allows us to really tap into what will give people time back, allowing them to step away from running the business, and into GROWING the business.

Vyncent: How do you define the “technological partner” ethos that you follow as a web development firm? As a startup, why has it been important to view your clientele as such?  

Valerie: Technology is the driving force and backbone of a successful business. 85% of successful businesses use technology to run their business. Being a Technology Partner means we’re here to support every client, throughout their journey as a business owner and implement the technology necessary to run their business successfully. There’s a lot that goes into running a business. Today more than ever, business owners are smart to keep up with their technology; meeting the needs of their clients, while also remaining competitive and keeping operations running smoothly. With the right technology in place, we see businesses thrive by creating an environment of efficiency and ease with a focus of serving their client and their satisfaction. Satisfied clients are happy clients, and happy clients as we know will continue to do business with you and refer business to you. All of these facets of business combined bring continual growth to the business owner, our client. If our clients are growing and successful, then we’ve done something right and can say we too are successful. 

Vyncent: Your firm is currently finalizing a creative website proposal for one of the most successful professional sports franchises within the last decade.  After creating digital products for over 50 clients before this particular opportunity, how will you & the other members of the BeeHive ecosystem measure success moving forward?

Valerie: We have the viewpoint that our deliverables are that which legitimize and validate our success. Our clients’ goals being achieved, be they process, function, or aesthetic, are an immediate indication, while their bottom lines improving and their remaining as a client into multiple phases of work are great indicators of our success and quality performance.

Vyncent: Was there inspiration in developing the meal prep software to combat business closures during the harsh economic reality of the pandemic affecting business owners across the United States? 

Valerie: In total candor, it was a happy accident; we engaged some foodservice line of business owners slightly prior to the pandemic, and not seeing that coming couldn’t have foreseen the growth impact in this industry that resulted. The knowledge/experience we now have leaves us as an intelligent choice for those having requirements related to meal prep and food service technology.

Vyncent: Being a Indigeneous Woman Owned Small Business within this male-dominated field of tech, how do you feel about the lack of investor funding / VC deals being allocated towards startups that challenge the norms of gender diversity? In your opinion, what could be done to improve this reality? 

Valerie: This is a great question and I’m grateful for your asking. To date we’ve not pursued any investor capital, so I can’t speak from an experiential perspective on that, I do know though, that in order for more women to get funding, more women have to be in the position to be investment-worthy from a business standpoint.  To me, the way to directly impact this is to have and support more women in technology; from early education (evangelizing its qualities/values) to inclusion in the workforce. We make it a point to try to achieve a 50%/50% ratio of women to men.  By ensuring women consider technology careers as options is step 1, giving them space to participate in is step 2, from here, I believe we’ll see an even greater blooming of the projects fitting the VC’s appetite, then the funds will flow in greater degrees to women-owned technologies and technology services.

Vyncent: One of the more impactful technological projects Beehive has manifested through collaborative creation, is a bespoke location sharing application, for our ever-changing world. How do you see this software being an asset, concerning safety and wellbeing for its intended audience?  

Valerie: We believe we’ve simplified the desire for a quick check-in with a loved one, employee, or whoever is deemed vital to your life/career.  Its end-to-end encryption + no-typing user experience is going to be a welcomed process improvement to many lives.

Vyncent: Within this technological transition currently taking place due to the Web 3.0 evolution, how can Beehive continue to innovate within this newfound age of technological consciousness? 

Valerie: We are already involved in multiple projects which are yet to be released for our clients.  Projects range from hybrid architecture using Stellar blockchain, to provisioning NFT projects.  We see it as an inevitable future, and we are excited for what the possibilities hold.  There will be an immensely positive impact on the use of global commodities, medicine/research, environmental intelligence, and more.  We are ready with knowledge and experience in Web 3, (and look forward to adding value to the developer community moving forward.

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