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How Robert Dominguez is giving back to the Community

We all have different gifts and skills, and our field of specialty often differs from the next. However, we can all agree that we require each other to succeed. 

In life, there are many ups and downs, with some extreme challenges that make the journey frustrating and sometimes almost impossible. During such moments having someone to help and guide you provides the emotional support to fight even harder and not give up.

According to Robert Dominguez, this was one of the reasons that inspired him to start his journey as a lawyer. Dominguez grew up in a not-so-well-off family and couldn’t afford a luxurious lifestyle. Dominguez watched his parents struggle to make ends meet, and this motivated him to work harder and help the less privileged in the community.

Dominguez says the experience opened his eyes to how the less fortunate are often oppressed and can’t find justice because they do not have the resources to hire a lawyer. To create the change he wanted and build a community where everyone gets justice, Dominguez started his education to become a lawyer. Looking back, he says while it hasn’t been smooth and he has encountered various obstacles, each challenge has helped him become a better lawyer and a better person who is able to help his community.

Robert is also using his story to show other young people that nothing is impossible with hard work and determination. When Dominguez made up his mind to pursue a profession in law, he was still young, and he didn’t have the finances to support his dreams.

He notes that when he left his home country of Cuba, he only had the clothes on his back. At the time, he was just seven years old, and together with his family, they relocated to the US in search of a better life. While it wasn’t easy at first, and there were multiple obstacles, Dominguez didn’t let that stop him from attaining his goals.

He invested his time in study and research, and he is now a co-founder of one of the leading law firms in South Florida, The Founders Law. Dominguez says one of the lessons he has learned is to constantly work on yourself, and while not everything will work in your favor, each failure has a valuable lesson. He also adds the importance of being patient with yourself, believing in your abilities, and remaining focused.

Through his initiative of giving back to the community, Dominguez aims to empower young entrepreneurs and encourage them to work hard for their dreams and not give up. He is also finding justice for the victims of personal injury, medical malpractices, slip, and fall accidents, and auto accidents.

In the coming years, Dominguez wants to start a charity center helping the less fortunate in his community of South Florida. He says his goal is to start an organization that will help young children get access to education, healthcare, and other basic needs. He wants to empower the youth to fight for their dreams.

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