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Meet Chrissybil Boulin, Global Youth Ambassador and Champion for Learning 

The modern education system has several loopholes, and a prominent one is its inadaptability. The education system doesn’t encourage children to develop a passion for learning. Instead, it fails to adequately prepare them for the future and fills them with self-doubt. Education is a space where one size never fits all because every kid is born with a special talent. This is where Chrissybil Boulin has stepped in to make a difference. She is a Global Youth Ambassador to the UN and an advocate of holistic and innovative learning solutions. 

Chrissybil is the former Intel for Change Educational Ambassador to India, advocating for economic development and self-actualization by empowering rural girls’ rights to access formal learning. Chrissybil was born in New York and brought up in South Florida. Her family comes from Haiti. After obtaining her master’s degree in development economics from the University of Cambridge, Chrissybil founded Merkabah International Foundation, a nonprofit organization. The organization focuses on empowering pre-existing schools in Haiti and across the U.S with school supply drives, classroom research, curriculum development, and mindfulness. 

Following the positive response to Merkabah, Chrissybil launched an in-person tutoring program, Jump Start Tutoring, in late 2018. Her award-winning in-home, online tutoring company serves students in grades Pre K to 12 with test prep, homeschooling, college entrance, and educational consulting in South Florida and across the U.S. Chrissybil loves to serve under-represented communities, and she has found a way to accomplish her goals through both these initiatives. 

Jump Start Tutoring has managed to stand out from the conventional educational system because of its adaptive approach. Their programs are designed to personalize each child’s learning experience as a means to remedy the negative outcomes of overcrowded classrooms. Every student not only receives individualized support but is offered educational consulting to ensure that every child receives personal guidance. This has led to Jump Start’s students experiencing increases in academic performance, time management, and goal setting. As such, Jump Start Tutoring provides students with a unique experience that is meant to encourage young minds to be innovative and explore their fields of interest.

Currently, Jump Start Tutoring is working in partnership with over 25 community organizations, schools, and libraries that serve children throughout Florida. In the future, the program will expand on virtual platforms to offer its services to students across the U.S. Jump Start Tutoring is currently raising funds to introduce adaptive learning experiences to its offering, highlighting SAT test prep and more. With such a progressive plan, Chrissybil is confident they will revolutionize the American education system and impact learning on a global scale. 

Chrissybil’s humble initiative to build a strong foundation for future generations has been featured in renowned media outlets like Forbes 30 Under 30, Facebook, Emory 40 Under 40, VISA, IFundwomen, Haitian American Chambers of Florida, The Official Black Magazine, United Way of Broward County, Le Floridian Newspaper, WSVN Channel 7 News, VC Post and IB Times. Chrissybil is also an honorary member of the Miami-Dade School Board. The City of North Miami celebrated her on November 1, 2021, which is regarded as Chrissybil Boulin Day. More recently, the City of North Miami Beach has proclaimed January 1st, 2022, as Chrissybil Boulin Day. 

Chrissybil Boulin is optimistic about continuing the initiative for many more years. She feels she has been gifted with this incredible opportunity to support students in paving the right path in their lives, and there lies her greatest achievement yet.

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