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Hannah Shaka Bringing Uproarious Mischief to Music Festivals

Los Angeles, CA: Hannah Shaka is a theatre-artist, clown, and award-winning cabaret  performer who will be bringing some of her signature characters and performances to several  music festivals across the United States this season. DIrtybird Camp INN (Orlando, FL) and  DIrtybird Campout (Modesto, CA) are both unique in the festival world for being part adult  summer camp, part music festival. Along with Desert Hearts (Lake Perris, CA), they all average  around 5,000 attendees each. You are also likely to catch her at Lightning In a Bottle (Buena  Vista Lake, CA), which is one of the larger electronic music festivals with approximately 15,000  attendees! 

Hannah Shaka has teamed up with Blakeshine, a renowned freelance Creative Producer who  curates immersive theatre installations. Current productions at DIrtybird festivals include Love  Birds Dating Show, a competitive gameshow that pairs singles of all genders and sexual  preferences together, sends them on adventurous dates at the festival (scavenger hunt,  anyone?), and brings them back the next night for the opportunity to win two tickets to Camp  Inn 2023 (and be crowned DIrtybird royalty)! Hannah Shaka will be hosting as her Drag persona  (as Cavallo Della Notte), alongside fellow comedy writer and performer Garrett Mendez (as  Ricky Muñez) and yes, there is a backstory of falling in love with one another over a bad bowl  of bolognese.  

“Electronic music festivals have long been known as massive celebrations of spectacle, heavy  bass, wild outfits, and long nights of dancing. However, festival producers are increasingly  seeing the value of having dedicated, live performance stages for attendees who want to  experience something unexpected. Whether it’s stand-up comedy, clown, gameshows, or  something more dramatic, these shows create an inclusive and playful atmosphere that  reverberates throughout the whole festival. The live theatrical performances really nurture a  sense of community, and to me this is an essential part of art-making.” – Hannah Shaka  

About Hannah Shaka 

Hannah Shaka (a.k.a. Hannah Butson), is a physical theatre-maker from Western Canada. She  is a co-founder of The Lost Girls burlesque troupe, with whom she has produced, performed,  and toured regularly since 2013. She performed with the Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society  at the Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender in 2016, where they won Best Large Group and Most  Comedic. Shaka received her MFA in Ensemble Based Physical Theatre in 2020 from Dell’Arte  International School of Physical Theatre, where she was also awarded the Calgary Animated  Objects Society Scholarship. She now lives in LA, where she works as a Teaching Artist for  various organizations and devises theatre with other fabulously strange creators.  


IG: @nitemare_burlesque / @hannah_shaka_arts 

Photo credit: Jon-Christian Ashby

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