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Fano’s Unique Take On The Blend Of Art And NFTs:  Funky Bear Club

Fans will be excited to know that Fano is taking things one step further in his career in the creation of his new NFT collection. With NFTs grabbing the attention of buyers and sellers across the world in this modern age, there’s no doubt that their popularity encouraged this artist to make his mark in this industry.

Who is Fano?

You may have heard of Fano already, but if you haven’t, prepare to be introduced to a master of aesthetics! Fano is a skilful artist who first discovered his passion for art after falling in love with his wife at seventeen years old. Following the marriage to the love of his life, Fano started to discover fashion, opened stores, and explored art in intricate detail. He has developed leading tastes in French fashion and made striking wall sculptures that symbolise a bold dedication to true style. Fano has even touched on interior design, helping him to uncover how to become a part of a project’s journey from conception to completion.

For this artist, art lives and breathes as a form of personal expression. This is why Fano often gets excited by the modern wave of art collectors and often draws influence from the art of the street. Bold architecture to simple rubbish on the road can strike motivation in Fano – he claims that anything can be a masterpiece if approached with the right perceptive!

This artist is particularly adept at finding and utilising the right volumes and colours of a piece, building each angle and marking each paint stroke with the utmost precision. Evoking emotion within sculptures and drawing is incredibly important to Fano – and something other artists can learn to do too.

Fano’s dreams

Whilst working towards his dream of combining his artistic talents with his passion for fashion, Fano also simply dreams of never being handicapped after an accident. In his past, Fano was actually in a life-threatening accident which caused him to be physically handicapped. This has impacted how Fano now creates his work and has helped him learn much about himself in the process. Whilst this experience helped Fano improve at his artwork, he fears that a future accident could stop his ability to carry out his working passion.

Funky Bear Club

Fano’s new NFT collection, Funky Bear Club, will be released at the beginning of April this year! With this, people can generate money on NFTs for life. The more it sells, the more a seller can make on royalties! If that wasn’t enough, the lucky owners of these special edition pieces will additionally own a piece of a new hit song constructed by a famous DJ. The largest investors in this fresh project will be given the exciting opportunity to make their very own custom art piece and even collaborate with Fano himself. Getting a chance to work on the creative processes behind these future collaborations, these lucky people can really involve themselves with what’s to come in the merging of the NFT and art worlds!

So, it’s worth staying updated with what is happening in Fano’s career and with his stand-out NFT collection. Keep posted and stay excited about April’s coming release!

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