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Rising Star Shyanne Releases Music Video For “Give You A Call”

As an upcoming 21 year old R&B artist based in Nashville, Shyanne is starting to emerge from the scene in music city as she releases new-wave music that is making an impact on the industry. 

Shyanne’s sound embodies an early 2000’s R&B/Hip-Hop vibe, but with a modern twist. You’ll find her on tracks that range anywhere from true melodic R&B to hard-hitting Hip-Hop or trap beats. 

With her music, she hopes to change the game forever by bringing something positive and unique to the table. She’s been honing in on her craft for several years, and now it’s time to let the world know. 

On 2/2/22, Shyanne dropped “Give You A Call”, and it would be her first release of 2022. This song is a dope R&B vibe with elements reminiscent of the 2000’s. Fans have most closely compared this single to Destiny’s Child, Pussycat Dolls, Justin Timberlake, and Timbaland. “Give You A Call” is written about those thoughts and questions a woman asks herself before letting a man into her life. “In the talking stage, it’s hard to tell what a man’s intentions are, and I don’t like to waste my time and energy on people who could care less about me,” says Shyanne. “This song captures an obvious interest from the female’s perspective, but accurately lays out what is to be expected from a meaningful connection between two people. That means handling the fact that I am not perfect, and being there for me when I need it. It’s not going to be all sunshine and rainbows,” she continues. 

To go with the iconic performance elements of the early 2000’s, Shyanne and her team created a music video with dancers to elevate her performance level and bring her audience an intriguing visual experience. This sequence was choreographed by Abby Griffin, performed by Kj Davis, Neveah Conley, Reyna Arenas, Abby, and of course Shyanne. Cole Diepholz, owner of VideobyVital, shot and edited this video, working with Shyanne to bring her vision to life. 

Any listeners that are fans of the artists mentioned above (Destiny’s Child, Pussycat Dolls, Justin Timberlake, and Timbaland) will really dig this vibe, and fans of R&B in general will love this! Shyanne and her producers use real human elements and instruments to bring back the magic she’s been craving in music, and plans to continue to release songs that feel timeless. 

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