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Interview with Leo Ruff – Producer & DJ from London

We sat down with Leo Ruff, a Dance Producer & DJ from London making waves in the music industry. Only 9 months into his career and his debut release hit the UK Club Charts and he’s received support from some of the biggest names in dance music, including Tungevaag & EDX.

Welcome, Leo Ruff, how are you?

Hey, I’m doing great thanks!

Tell us about ‘Get Down’, how did the record come together?

It originally all came together in January and I added the finishing touches shortly after. It’s not a complicated track really but I think simple melodies work well for club tunes. It’s basically a thundering kick using that iconic 90s house kick along with some piercing drums and a groovy bassline.

What made you decide to take a career in music?

I’ve always loved music and been surrounded by it growing up. I’m the only one in my family pursuing a creative avenue, so it’s been an uphill climb crafting out my space. I think in a way that’s been a good thing because it meant I couldn’t be lazy in my productions and it’s allowed me to really master my sound.

As a DJ and producer, what inspires you?

I get really inspired by tracks that create their own niche and seem to create a new genre in the process. Especially when I hear a track that you can’t help but put on a loop, I tell myself that I have to make something as good as it, or better.

What most important lessons have you learned since starting in music?

The most important things in my experience are to believe in yourself as the opportunities will eventually come knocking, and to have patience as success is not overnight.

How have you found being in lockdown? Has it been beneficial or the opposite for you?

It’s actually been a blessing in disguise as it’s meant that I’ve been able to focus a lot of time on my music that I otherwise wouldn’t have, but it was obviously disappointing not being able to play live and have that connection with your audience.

Being from London, are there any local artists that have particularly inspired you?

Haha that’s quite a difficult one as there’s such a massive amount of talented people that have come from the city, but I’d have to say that it’s Adele. She single-handedly revitalised a genre and brought pared-back singing back into the mainstream. All without the backing of a major label!

What more can we expect next year?

Lot’s of big tunes to come for next year. I’ve been putting in the hard yards on Logic and I’m super excited to release more music. Also have some touring plans but I’m not allowed to say much about that!

Lastly what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers for this weekend…

  1. Alfie Cridland & Paul Kay – Last Day In Paradise
  2. Regard – You
  3. Robbie Doherty – Pour The Milk (Joel Corry Remix)
  4. Saytek – Light Is Fire
  5. Biscits – Let You Go
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