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Is Milwaukee Artist Romey the Next Midwest King?

His IG is @Romeymvp and his Twitter is @Romeymwestking. When you go to these accounts you will find a Chicago artist by the name of Romey who has deemed himself “The Midwest King.” When asked to describe his music. He said it was Hustler’s Music , Boss Motivation , and Royalty Rap. 

This is the level of response you get from an artist that is playing no games at all with his career and music business when it comes to his brand. Music is not the only thing Romey has his hands in, he is also into fashion pretty heavy and is looking to be a fashion mogul within the next 5 years. 

While taking the motto of a 50 Cent album “Get Rich OR Die Trying” Romey also understands the hard work and smart business decisions will lead him in the right direction to achieve his goals within a short period of time.   

Click The Link Below To See What The Hype Is About:
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