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Snow Corp: a new way of making passive income digitally

Non-fungible tokens, otherwise known more commonly as NFTs, are on the rise of popularity in this increasingly digital age. They are shifting the way that the art, investing, and gaming industries – amongst others – function. By exposing the world to an unpredictable embrace of new, developing technologies, NFTs have made their mark in modern markets across the globe.

The NFT trend

Not limited to just digital collectables, any asset can be made into a token. Since NFTs’ programmability allows them to be applied to various industries, it’s no wonder that these tokens haven’t yet seen the stretching extent of their full potential. With fresh start-ups popping up daily, transparency within digital ownership has developed. This means that we have already been exposed to different NFT trends with Snow Corp creating one of the newest ones.

Holders have already been exposed to other, older trends like those in gaming. This trend has prompted hundreds of games to be developed entirely around non-fungible tokens as well as being integrated into already-existing games. This has helped modify the way in which in-game marketplaces function. Possibly the most successful NFT trends relate to avatar and profile picture (PFP) projects. These have operated as digital identities for countless people, even allowing some users to gain membership in engaging digital communities such as Discord.

Earning a passive income with NFTs

Many earn passive income with NFTs by setting a royalty rate and getting paid each time the item sells on a marketplace. 

As the world continues to grow, technology and the popularity of NFTs grow with it. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all projects are actually a good deal for buyers. The best projects combine unique and well-mastered art as well as an incredibly strong Roadmap.

So, how does Snow Corp fit into all this?

Snow Corp is changing up the NFT game by giving dividends on royalties to its holders. So, what does this actually mean? To put it simply, when a holder sells their NFTs, they will get royalties every single time it resells on the secondary market.

Co-founder of Snow Corp, Ben Grand, claimed that the most difficult task on the project was the creation of a real community. In targeting this, holders receive weekly dividends, not to mention various other advantages. For example, Snow Corp pays its holders 3% of the trading volume of their NFT collection on OpenSea, an NFT online marketplace. This can be done via the holders’ Snow DAPP application. Therefore, Snow Corp donates 3% of its turnover to the owner of one of its NFTs, allowing the owner to have a common interest in the rapid explosion of the project.

As you can probably tell, Snow Corp is taking the NFT world by a storm, being the next big project trend that holders are eager to get involved with. See how you can get involved with this company and start experiencing the benefits today!

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