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Mike Infante: An Icon Known All Over The California Area Is Motivating Everyone By Breaking His Own Barriers

A young Icon making his name heard loud and proud all over California is Mike Infante. Infante is not the typical 20 year old living with Cerebral Palsy, he is soaring to new heights on another level.  Despite his disability Mike proves people wrong time and time again.  Creating a name for himself at a very young age Infante is a Wheelchair bodybuilder, Music Video director, Actor and a big Advocate for the disability community.  Creating a buzz and reaching millions of people around the world showcasing his life and journey.  From being a young youtuber at the age of 11 vlogging his experiences with his disability from Surgeries, Physical Therapy and more with the help of his mother.  To present day now here in 2022 Infante has grown on different platforms and new ventures.  Over just 2 years Mike has been shooting Music videos alongside with the help of his wonderful team of camera men Zach P and Tieghan Fitz.  Bringing over 40K+views with the likes of artists such as Baby Zay, OMBE Manny, Mulagang, Slim 12th, Bubeazy, Shuggybo and  many more.  Mike loves meeting new artists and being the first ever music video director in a wheelchair. It brings flair and a great twist on the Music video game. Infante is also a lover of fitness, getting the passion from his father at a very young age.  He enjoys training and learning new techniques alongside his father day by day.  Infante recently had his 1st bodybuilding show with the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation back in October of 2021.  He will step onstage soon in 2022 in hopes of building the wheelchair division back up again with a whole new generation of talented athletes. A fighter beyond words is this young man.  From also being featured in Yahoo News, ABC, Vents Magazine, San Francisco Post, US Reporter and more.  Blessing Los Angeles with positivity and ambition there is no telling Mike will go far. Infante owes all his success to his mother and father for making him the young man he is today with a huge fighter’s spirit.  It is clear  Infante is not stopping anytime soon making impacts on people day in and day out.  He shows that nothing is too big or too small; anything is achievable.  

Check Out Mike’s Next film The Cerebral Palsy Warrior Documentary directed by Bailey Standley 

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