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It’s Time To Wake Up Early Los Angeles!

That’s right, waking up early allows you to get more stuff done, but usually, waking up early will make you exhausted throughout the workday. So, why are more people in Los Angeles now, during a pandemic, deciding to wake up early?! The answer is this new trending product that has taken over social media and the homes of LA… Club EarlyBird. No, it isn’t a club everyone is heading to, but a healthy morning cocktail beverage (non-alcoholic) that has allowed people to wake up, get that extra boost and enjoy a full day without feeling tired at all.

From partnering with various celebrities and social media influencers, to being named a product that will be an official gift to the athletes during the upcoming Super Bowl here in town, we caught up with the co-founders, husband and wife team Chuckie & Shelby Gregory, to learn more about how their little idea has turned into a million-dollar brand and company that people can’t get enough of!

Your product has been seen by countless social media influencers here in Los Angeles on their feeds, as they use it to energize themselves each day. Why do you feel Club EarlyBird has been so attractive to these individuals in our region (influencers, actors, etc.)?

I think LA influencers have been a bit ahead of the game when it comes to adapting up and coming products. We’ve seen coffee dominate for decades. But the problem is that coffee is simply caffeine and we need so much more than that. A Morning Cocktail is able to provide clean energy through natural caffeine paired with antioxidants, increased motivation through nootropics, and supercharged hydration through electrolytes.

We also hear that Club EarlyBird will be a part of the upcoming Super Bowl here in town… how excited are you for that?

Super excited to be a part of the Super Bowl festivities! If my Chicago Bears were participating I’d be even happier, but we’re super grateful to be able to be there in any capacity. 

What percentage of your revenue would you estimate the Los Angeles/California region makes up?

Our sales are very diversified across the country. Florida, California, and Texas are the top 3 states. We solve a problem – how much it sucks to wake up early – that is pretty universal. So we sell very well in all the states and are excited to eventually expand outside of the USA soon.

What are the benefits of taking your product that set it apart from other types of energy powders, pills and drinks?

1. Clean Energy – achieved through natural caffeine paired with aminos and antioxidants for a smooth boost without a crash. 

2. Supercharged hydration to quickly rehydrate (you lose over a pound of water overnight). This is achieved through a high quality blend of electrolytes.

3. Increased Motivation – achieved through a blend of mood boosting nootropics such as ashwagandha and theobromine (the alkaloid found in chocolate that makes you feel good).

Most people love to sleep. So, why is waking up early – your motto – better would you say?

Sleep is super important and we rally around that as well. Optimizing sleep has been our second mission. Most of us are going to have a hard time budgeting more sleep. But what we can do is optimize the quality of that sleep that we do get. Last September we released Night Cap. A powdered supplement that you drink before bed to help maximize your REM sleep. It’s a delicious Honey Lemon Long Island.

Can taking your product too much, or in larger doses, be dangerous? What do you recommend? 

Many customers use a scoop in the morning and afternoon. It’s completely safe to do so. We simply recommend no more than 3 scoops per day, but it’ll completely depend on your caffeine tolerance.

What new enhancements for your products are you working on and could we see in the future?

The EarlyBird community 100% dictates where we go and what products we create. We keep close communication with all EarlyBirds and create products that they want. Our next addition will come in Q2 of 2022 and it’s a product that our customer base voted on and they even named the product. It’s called EarlyBird Happy Hour. It’s an afternoon clean energy/focus gummy. To provide an afternoon pick-me-up when that post-lunch slump hits.

How has the COVID-19 pandemic been for your business?

For the most part, we actually launched right when the pandemic hit. Our first thought was “should we hold off and wait till this dies out”, but instead we ended up launching anyways. And it was a big success from the jump. E-Commerce as a whole took a jump that most experts predicted would take 10 years. So from that aspect it actually helped us as more shopping went online. 

Are you two finally excited to come to LA for the Super Bowl?

I’ve actually never been to LA before. It’s always been a destination I’ve really wanted to go to so we’re super excited to experience LA for the first time at the Super Bowl weekend!

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