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Maneuvering through the Uncertainties of life

In recent times, it has been made clear what factors determine one’s outlook in the current world. What a person has achieved in their life is what portrays their public outlook and how they are perceived by society. Usually, this works as a positive motivational catalyst that pushes people to reach greater heights. However, in some cases, this becomes the most difficult decision of their lives. Usually, what is commonly known in society to be the definition of success is similar to what a person aspires to achieve. But on the off-chance that these two do not align, the individual ends being stuck to simply put between a rock and a hard place. Many individuals are not able to accurately maneuver through this rough path of their life and end up regretting whichever decision they took. But there are some individuals that were able to go against such hurdles and gain victory on whichever path they took. An ideal example of such an individual is the widely known pianist, composer, songwriter, and producer Kitt Wakeley.

In life, from the moment a person comes into this world, they are faced with difficult hurdles and decisions that determine the entirety of their existence. Life entails uncertainties and unpredictable situations for which one can never be completely prepared. The current world has transformed into an environment that only treasures superficial entities, and having wealth and fame is considered the ultimate goal for all. While the majority of the people inherit this now widespread thought process, there are still many individuals that have goals and aspirations that are different from the social norm. Such individuals are careless about worldly desires and more focused on what fulfills their souls. Such was the case with Kitt Wakeley.

Kitt Wakeley was born on July 3rd, 1979, in Memphis, Tennessee. From the time he gained proper consciousness, Wakeley had a deep love for symphonies. But in the beginning, he was constantly surrounded by an environment that imposed a socially conventional understanding of dreams and aspirations upon him. Being under such social pressure put him at risk of being another power hungry individual whose only goal in life was to become wealthy. He was saved from becoming another stereotypical aspirant when he was adopted by Jack and Linda Wakeley at the age of 8. His new parents surrounded Wakeley in a supportive environment where they promoted personal development and pursued what the heart requires rather than running after worldly concepts of success in life. After the adoption, their family had moved to Holdenville, Oklahoma, to start their new lives as a family. He started his journey in the musical arts by learning to play the trumpet. After gaining enough mastery over the instrument, he moved on to the keyboard before eventually mastering synthesizer instruments. 

By the age of 16, Wakeley had gained enough mastery over the lyrical and symphonic arts that he started developing his own tunes and lyrics. His compositions were so expertly developed that they gained enough recognition to be played on air on Oklahoma radio. This great achievement was what paved the way to his future success in the music industry. In the following years, Wakeley had gained experience of working with numerous bands that opened his horizons to the various types of genres of music that were available. This also gave him notability in his regional community. Due to which by the time he was to graduate high school, he was already offered many scholarships from state university music programs. However, this was also the time that the social environment had started gaining the upper hand in the mental state of Wakeley.

Wakeley began to be increasingly influenced by social beliefs and was worried constantly about what lay ahead for him. His worries about the uncertainty of life pressured him into abandoning his further dive into the music world and choosing a more socially accepted career field. Therefore he enrolled in East Central University and secured his Bachelors in Pre-Law and Sociology. However, one can never truly forget their first love. Even after he completed his bachelor’s and started pursuing his Masters from the University of Oklahoma, his love for music did not weaken a bit. 

After completing his studies, Wakeley started his professional career by starting a business venture with his business partner John P. Jiles called Medicorp. Medicorp dealt with medical billing, consulting, and cost reporting services. Through rigorous efforts, Wakeley had elevated his small business venture to become a towering business giant that was later established as an umbrella company now called Valir Health. Wakeley had achieved all that was perceived to be the epitome of success by society, but he still felt some emptiness in his heart. If any other person were put in Wakeley’s place, then they would feel fulfilled and enjoy their well-earned success, but it was a different case with Wakeley. The love of music still burned brightly in his heart which was the reason why he decided to restart his efforts to master this art. After conquering the corporate field, he se out to conquer the music field as well. By exposing himself to the different forms of music, he was able to confirm his true calling came with orchestration. He immediately started expedited efforts to master this sophisticated musical art which garnished results with the overall success of his first solo album release named ‘Cinematic Chaos.’ He released this album under the pseudo name ‘AudioKaoz.’ His album brought him enough credibility and recognition to become a member of the National Academy of Recordings and Sciences (NARAS). In 2015 he released his second album, “Midnight in Macedonia,” which was his debut for Orchestral Rock which is a mixture of Orchestra, EDM, and rock genres. It received even greater fame than his previous release and gained him Grammy ballots in 4 different categories. His third release was an even bigger hit than reached number one on Billboard’s Crossover Classical Charts.

Wakeley, though weakened by the social misconceptions, never let his dreams die and though a bit late, pursued them to fruition. He faced all the challenges that life had to throw at him and ended up becoming a major success in both the corporate and musical fields. This makes him a big inspiration that inspires others to never forget the dreams that they hold dear to their hearts and always try to find a way to achieve them.

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