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Daddy Issues by Polly Walshin becomes Los Angeles Tribune Bestselling Book

Today we are proud to announce the critical acclaim of Daddy Issues the groundbreaking new book written by Polly Walshin. It has been named an official Los Angeles Tribune Bestseller, and is about a remarkable true story.

In the words of the author:

My father was one of the largest drug smugglers in US history. This is my story about the effects of not having a father that you felt loved you. All the decisions that I made based on that experience. It is a book about love ,divorce, marriage ,children ,single mom hood ,modeling, drugs ,Iran-Contra scandal ,and most importantly Redemption . This is a book  dedicated to all the people that felt they weren’t enough based on a lie that you told yourself. You are and always were plenty. By reading this book you will receive the tools you need to heal your heart and truly walk into your destiny.. For whatever  reason you have daddy issues, I promise this book will help . It will help you be able to relate to some part or character written in the pages of me pouring out my heart in this book . You will be able to have the tools to go forward to restore you to how you were always supposed to be!!


 Born in Little Rock Arkansas. I Spent the first 16 years of my life in Memphis and Arkansas. Modeled in N.Y and LA til I was 19. Danced on TV show soul train for 2 years and trained at The actors workshop in Laguna Niguel in the late 80s.Moved to Atlanta early 90s. I was the Nascar girl, Miss Coppertone , Budweiser model, Snap on tools girls and Napa Auto parts girl.I am a southern girl at heart, living in San Diego now for over 20 years.  I have 2 amazing children now ages 24 and 21.  I live right around the corner from my mom who has always been my rock my entire life.  I am now happily married to a wonderful man.  I wrote this book knowing that it was time for me to reinvent myself not just as being a mom, but to inspire others that could use my mess in my own life and help others not make the same mistakes.  I graduated from the American College with a degree in Design and marketing., in Atlanta, Georgia.  I spent the first couple of years out of college working for a large Model Home company and designed over 100 homes for many different builders. My family and I were growing and we decided to move to San Diego.  I spent the next 10 years as a homemaker and decided to put my career on hold to be with my children. When I became a single mother, my oldest was seven and my youngest was five.  I got my real estate license.  When the market crashed in 2006, my real estate career took off.  I sold over $10 million worth of real estate in a matter of 2 years just by knocking on  doors and helping people get out of their homes without foreclosure. I also helped open many LA fitness’s all over San Diego.  I was their number one producer while still managing to be able to be there for my children as a single mother.  In 2010 I went to work for Dunbar Armored and was the West Coast Account Executive of Sales.  I was top producer on the West Coast for a couple of years.  This was not my calling. I wanted to help children know that nutrition and health are vital to their success in life. While working a full time job, being a single parent, and being Girl Scout Mom, Boy Scout Mom, Rowing Sponsor for my daughter’s team, and my son’s soccer coach, I set out to go back to school.  At night I would write papers to get my master’s degree in education.  I received my Master’s in Secondary Education and became a PE teacher in 2013.  I taught PE and Health until I was injured in 2017. I could not teach anymore.  I knew the best thing that I could do was to help other people.  I truly had to reinvent myself again in my later 40’s.  When the whole world was shut down during quarantine, I knew it was time to write my book.  All of this overachieving goes back to the lack of not knowing the love of my own father.  So, during quarantine, I wrote this book called “Daddy Issues.”  I believe this is the course that I was always supposed to be on.  .  In 2021, I bought a business called, “I Sweat Lodge.”.  It helps people know that their body can heal by  building their own immune system.  It is an infrared wrap therapy business in La Joll, California.  I just had to get more life under my belt in order to be able to help more people.  Remember our Mess can be our Message! Polly Walshin Your Body is Your Temple

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