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From Mumbai to LA, filmmaker Vihang Walve’s journey led to winning 18 international awards with his latest sci-fi venture ‘The Last Reverie.’

Born in Mumbai, India, filmmaker Vihang Walve moved to Los Angeles in 2010 to further strengthen his skills in filmmaking by studying at UCLA Extension, where he received the prestigious Laurel Hummel Scholarship. Since then, he has successfully led CBS Ecomedia’s and’s video production departments, creating several commercials, promotional videos, profile videos, and informational videos generating brand awareness. His incredible experience and skills in producing, editing, and motion graphics have helped independent companies and clients create successful advertising campaigns from conception to post-production to subsequent marketing goals.

Vihang’s latest sci-fi venture, ‘The Last Reverie,’ bagged 18 international awards and 4 nominations globally. Despite its small budget, the film’s VFX can give any big Hollywood studio a run for its money. Set in the near future, ‘The Last Reverie,’ is a substantive and powerful film that poignantly deals with heartbreak through the help of an AI. Edited, produced, and directed by Vihang Walve, ‘The Last Reverie’ won Best Short at prestigious film festivals across the globe, including Prague International Film Awards, Golden Short Film Festival, New York Movie Awards, Vienna International Film Awards, Milan Gold Awards, Port Blair International Film Festivals, and many more.

The Last Reverie’ stars Chuck Filipov, Jenny Messa, and Alexis Nicols as the AI voice Eve. Directed by Vihang, the film is written jointly by Taylor Hopkins. The film will be up for streaming release after its global festival run in July 2022.

Poster or Screenshot of ‘The Last Reverie’.

Vihang’s Pic.

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