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Snoop Dogg meets the contemporary art world of Vincent Faudemer

Snoop Dogg and Vincent Faudemer are creating history, allowing people to discover the first collaboration with an international artist concerning NFT on Solana.

Whilst Snoop Dogg’s name is widely known across the world, Faudemer is also emerging to be a formidable force on social networks due to his own original contribution to the artistic world.

Renowned French artist, Vincent Faudemer is often called The Little Prince of Contemporary Artist due to his precise skill, captivating works in the artistic field, and involvement in the modern movement of non-fungible tokens. Being original units of data found on a blockchain, NFTs are digital forms of art that many contemporary artists have become intrigued by.

Featuring in numerous galleries around the globe with his character Babolex, an eye-catching, Rolex-wearing elephant completely covered in chrome, Faudemer captured the world’s attention by creating a parallel between the wisdom and purity of the elephant and the symbol of adult success. By representing the transition from childhood to adulthood, Faudemer’s self-taught sculpturing is injected with care and has led him now to promote an impressive art project with an original West Coast artist in Los Angeles.

The legendary Snoop Dogg, whilst having a taste for music, also appears to have a taste for artistic talent. An official collaboration with The Little Prince has allowed this partnership to blossom, prompting the creation of a 12-inch sculpture with a removable head that reveals the head of Snoop Dogg. The piece is all linked to the sale of NFTs, which has been helped along by Snoop Dogg’s son, Cordell Broadus, who is also an expert in NFTs. Each Snoop Dogg sculpture is numbered with a certificate of authenticity, though this exciting collection is limited to just 9999 pieces.

Faudemer always envisioned that blockchain technology would revolutionise many aspects of our human lives, modifying the process of owning, buying, and selling artwork. This artist has slipped quite naturally in this contemporary art transformation, detailing his first Babolex with the Bitcoin logo back in 2018 and creating his first NFT collection, Babolex’s Adventures. Breaking new ground in this modern world, Faudemer has managed to make his stand-out art accessible to a large-scale audience, generating value embracing his personal, digital adventure. And now, for the first time ever, each non-fungible token is associated with a physical piece of art!

Further still, the digitalised concept of the Golden Ticket Babolex will be sold at different intervals, making it possible for fans to exchange tickets for random Babolex NFT. From this, it’s clear to see that Faudemer has generated much excitement in the world of non-fungible tokens.

Aside from Snoop Dogg, many other celebrities have also been drawn to preparing their sculptures with this compelling artist. In present times, The Little Prince’s sculptures usually sell in galleries for a staggering $19,000, perhaps demonstrating how captivating his works are with his audiences. With his 2 previous sales being extremely successful, the selling of Babolex and AlienX making $10 million sales on the Solana blockchain is certainly worth a mention!

With Faudemer easily making his mark in the art industry, it’s no surprise that he is launching his own token within the coming months, as well as delving deeper into his NFT community with a play-to-earn video game. When opening this to the general public, Faudemer will contribute to the new distribution of wealth around the world, all courtesy of the modern fascination with crypto games. With the modern platform being incredibly inclusive and accessible, each player will be able to receive earnings regardless of where they are located.

If this wasn’t exciting enough, this visionary artist’s collaboration with Snoop Dogg also strives to include others by taking things one step further. Faudemer will be offering up to 1,000 lucky people the opportunity to experience a private concert including Snoop Dogg alongside many other memorable performers in April or May 2022!

With this in mind, 2022 is definitely the year to watch out for in terms of contemporary art. Vincent Faudemer appears to be working tirelessly to give back to the community this year, with new and exciting projects waiting to blow us away. Keep an eye out for The Little Prince’s collaboration with the West Coast rapper, Snoop Dogg, and be sure to anticipate what this artist is going to bring to the art industry next!

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