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Rising Company To Watch Out For in 2022:

Today we are excited to present a new company with our “Rising Company” award for 2022. is one of the most unique new businesses that you will read about, they are created by a talented team that has put together an easy way for people from all around the world to order custom-created videos with professional live-action puppetss. The company is designed to Entertain, Uplift, and also Educate the masses with a mission to bring more joy into the hearts of children and adults alike. 

From a business-model perspective, the company is tapping into a growing industry. The video-delivery industry has seen exponential growth in recent years with companies like Cameo and Fiverr that have generated hundreds of millions of dollars largely from custom video content quickly delivered to the consumers. One can look at Pupetss and see that it is like a Cameo but instead of celebrities the consumer is able to pick from a wide library of puppetss, however, the company is much more. With an executive team that includes educational professionals, they are building a myriad of content for schools to help educate children and do so while they are keeping the attention of the children and also adding joy to the classroom.

The company is set to make big moves in 2022 and we have picked it as one of the top Rising Companies due to its unique nature, creative style, and social impact it is designed to have for children from all over the nation. With children’s depression and anxiety being at an all-time statistical high the work of is important to bring a sense of joy and meaning to the clients.

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