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Meta and Marketing – Our Interview with Rey Perez

Today we are continuing our leadership series with a man who has a lot to say about the present and the future of business. We are picking the brain of Rey Perez who has an understanding of a world that is moving at a rapid pace.

You have a diverse background in marketing and branding so we hope you would speak to what you see Mark Zuckerberg doing these days moving to the name Meta.

I believe that Facebook, as popular as it is in the world, has built a certain stigma because of its advertising model. With movies like Social Dilemma on Netflix, that talk about how Facebook uses its users as collateral, I think the shift from Facebook to Meta is two-fold. It’s moving people’s perception, whether positive or negative, away from Facebook by redirecting their focus to something new – which people love. It is also trying to create something bigger (hence the name) and more than just a connection platform, but more of an online digital world.

Have you ever seen anything like this before Rey? Is there a time where something like this was attempted, and it worked or didn’t work?

In this particular industry, I can’t say that I’ve seen it. However, KIA has done an amazing rebrand. They redesigned their vehicles and logo in a more futuristic fashion that it almost doesn’t look like the original KIA brand. Because of this new and different rebrand, it has effectively changed the perception of the brand to the consumer.

So any early predictions?  Is it working or what is the word on the street with other power users like yourself in social media?

I believe it’s going to take some time to adapt. As human beings we don’t like change. People will have their initial opinions and I foresee some pushback in the beginning, until high level influencers start adopting it as their preference for the rest of the people to follow.

What would you do if you were Mark?

I’ve noticed that some of the most known and recognized brands in the world have a face or a personality connected to them. When we think of Nike, we think of the infamous world-known swoosh logo, but when I speak at an event, anywhere in the world, I ask the audience, “What do you guess is the bestselling Nike of all time?”, and their response is always “Jordans” – nobody even says the word Nike. A human being will always connect more with the audience than any company brand will. Michael Jordan with Nike. Elon Musk with Tesla. Mark Zuckerberg has certainly leveraged Facebook and has become a celebrity because of it, but I think it would be interesting if there was some type of human figure that people can connect to that would bring them to Meta.

Beyond the branding, if Mark were reading this what advice or suggestions would you give him?

I would tell him to listen to your users. I would love to see Mark put in a brief questionnaire in everyone’s inbox where upon opening Facebook or Instagram there’s a few questions that must be answered before you can log in and check your feed. He can get real, live feedback from his users on what they want and like, and it would be the biggest worldwide survey in history. It would be a dual benefit, getting real feedback and launching a worldwide promotion without spending a dollar on advertising or marketing.

Do you think other Social Media platforms would ever try to rebrand?

I think every company, organization, and business at some point in their timeline needs a rebrand. I think most social media platforms are doing that, and we may not be noticing, much like LinkedIn and Twitter, with slight variations and gradual changes over the years. When we say the word “rebrand” it doesn’t necessarily mean a complete change of the entire company. What Mark is doing is more than just a rebrand; he’s changing the name and the way the platform works. To me, it’s not just a rebrand, it’s a relaunch of a rebrand.

Do you think any other specific platforms need a rebrand?

I think Twitter does. They started in a specific way, and over the years, because of the demand and loss of market share, they’ve had to adapt with everyone else to meet the demand in the marketplace. I think Twitter is the most behind out of all other social medias.

What if anything can other juggernauts like Twitter and Linkedin learn from the Meta Movement rebrand or Mark in general?

We need to wait and see the outcome from this rebrand and relaunch to really assess if it’s something that worked, in order for other platforms to consider doing, and if they also have something worth launching that is unique and different.

Various public profiles make it sound like from time to time there are big groups leaving Facebook or Twitter because of personal and or political beliefs. Have you seen any significant signs of that? Is there a large group(s) of people really leaving and not coming back or is it too few to really matter?

I’ve seen it specifically happen with WhatsApp during election time. However, if the majority is using it on a consistent basis, it’s only a matter of time before the unparticipating minority will acknowledge that they are missing out on what the rest of the world is doing. When something benefits more than just personal use, and can also benefit business or efficiency, that becomes a lot more difficult for people to refuse. At this point, I don’t think there’s a lot of people that are not using these platforms for anyone to notice or make a big difference.

Well, any predictions about the future of Facebook or social media in general?

I believe there’s a digital war happening among all social media platforms. These platforms are fighting for our attention and at the end of the day, that is where the value lies for them. Facebook is already doing it by owning the majority of social media platforms, so it doesn’t matter where people are, they will always have their attention. Business is built on relationships and as a business owner, who is also trying to gain the attention of my audience, I discovered that there isn’t just one way to connect, because everybody has different social media preferences – which led me to invent My360sites. I foresee a world where people don’t have to ask each other for their social medias, websites, emails, or phone numbers. They’d only have to ask one question – “What’s your 360?” and in that one answer, would give them everything in one link.

Rey Perez is CEO & Founder of The Entrepreneurs Agency, a Multimedia Branding & Marketing Company for small business owners and professionals. Rey is also the creator of, the world’s first done-for-you branding and marketing event, and, the ultimate connection platform for entrepreneurs, professionals, companies, and organizations that want all their media in one place to connect their brand with a much larger audience. 

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