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Finance Experts Around the World Are Coming Together on BULLZ App

The world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has been growing rapidly in the past few years. As more people learn about the potential benefits of the market, more want to get involved. There’s a lot to learn when it comes to cryptocurrency, which is where the new app, BULLZ, comes into play.

The BULLZ app is the latest addition to the offerings of social commerce solutions by WOM Protocol Pte. Ltd., launched in 2021. It’s been dubbed one of the first platforms dedicated to helping people discover and earn rewards for authentic recommendations related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. 

WOM Protocol has been helping thousands of businesses and individuals leverage social media and other platforms to increase their sales. With the BULLZ app, the company has expanded the scope of its support by throwing its hat into the ring of the cryptocurrency market. 

The BULLZ app acts as an economic incentive system by integrating the WOM Protocol where users’ honest recommendations can be monetized. As long as the recommendation is valid and related to the crypto industry and the blockchain market, users can potentially be rewarded. However, these recommendations are checked and thoroughly reviewed, so users must make sure they give sincere inputs to earn.

Users are also encouraged to be creative and genuine with their recommendations to benefit both them and the other businesses involved. Every user is given the liberty to promote to earn by using the BULLZ app, which also works to WOM’s clients’ advantage. Instead of compromising promotions and prepaid brand deals, advertising and marketing are made less of a hassle through the BULLZ app system.

The founder and CEO of the BULLZ app, Melanie Mohr, explains that there’s a constant airdrop of campaigns within the blockchain and crypto community. This has become a means for spreading awareness of the values and benefits of the industry for marketing projects within and outside the community. Melanie adds that this is where the BULLZ app works its magic by tapping into genuine recommendations from a variety of users.

Through genuine word-of-mouth user recommendations, the crypto industry and blockchain markets get rewarded as more people become interested. In addition, the BULLZ app’s content will allow the crypto and blockchain communities to make wiser decisions as to which projects could be beneficial. Melanie and the other great minds that make up the BULLZ team continue to work on improving the app’s interface.

One of the main features of the BULLZ app is the WOM Campaign Manager, the section where authenticated user-generated content can be accessed. Brands and other project initiators can browse through a series of recommendations and select which ones could benefit them. Through this, they can also buy WOM Tokens, which boosts their selected content and gives it more exposure on the app.

Interested brands and businesses can check out the BULLZ app website, Instagram, and Twitter pages to learn more about this emerging application. Many people familiar with the crypto world have already tried out the BULLZ app. The people from both WOM Protocol and the BULLZ app are hoping for the best for the application’s future as it bridges the gap in various markets.

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