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Interview with TikTok Creator TheSkiMaskGirl

The TikTok For You Page may be different for everyone, but there is just about a guarantee you have seen TheSkiMaskGirl attempt some crazy stunts or perform in some viral videos. We followed up with her to ask her questions about her quick rise to fame – and what we are most curious about – her hidden identity.

Q1: What is your favorite mask?

A2: That is hard when I have more masks than any other clothing item! My mask collection is over 30 strong at this point and I add more almost every week. My favorite is probably the custom TooTurnt masks that I dropped since that was my first merch collection, it was pretty special to me. Definitely want to do more custom mask releases!

Q2: What is your relationship with Tony?

A2: If I had a dollar everytime someone asked this I would be so rich! In all seriousness, we do not like to claim titles and have fun enjoying the work life balance that we have currently. 

Q3: Can you keep a secret?

A3: Working with Tony and the crew I get exposed to new confidential information all the time, so I have gotten very good at keeping secrets. This industry has a lot of “talk” so we make sure we can all trust each other!

Q4: Working with Tony, have you become a big drinker?

A4: No, not at all! Surprisingly we are both focused on work and fitness on a daily basis so we do not party that much. The events are fun here and there to let loose but on the average day, neither of us are just sitting there having drinks! We have a really good balance.

Q5: What is your favorite video you’ve ever made?

A5: By far the most insane video we have ever made in my opinion is the one where I fart the golf ball into the air. This inspired us to make a variety of different sport related videos as well.

Q6: When did you go all in on social media?

A6: I started working with Tony and realized how much money there was to be made in this industry. I have aligned with Tony’s management for brand deals and paid audios, and have an agency that handles my exclusive content. Once these quickly outpaced my waitress salary and there was not enough time in the day to do both, I went all in on social media, which was within the last year!

Q7: Do you plan on keeping your identity hidden forever?

A7: It started out as a thing to build my brand after the fans were all in on the idea of my identity being hidden, but it has leaked from time to time in viral videos. Does not really bother me that much – we have fun making content and if people find out my identity here and there, it’s not a big deal. Some people have met me without a mask before!

Q8: How do you stay so fit?

A8: Me and Tony have a big focus on fitness – and we also eat super healthy. With how much we are always on the go filming content, we live a very active lifestyle. 

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