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Mike, The TikTok Credit Repair Guy, Pushing The Importance of Credit

Mike Meza, the TikTok Credit Repair Guy, has built a massive following on TikTok to over 500k followers by teaching people how to fix their own credit, how to navigate through misinformation, and he’s giving people real information that can change their lives.

His company, Limitless Culture, is a full-service credit repair operation that offers credit repair that he pairs with credit rebuilding and education. The brand has steered away from the old credit repair model of using template letters for clients. Every challenge letter is custom-made to fit a client’s specific credit issues using metro two compliance coding. Limitless Culture Credit Management is taking credit repair to a new level, meaning true Credit Management.

“I worked one full-time job and two part-time jobs.” Mike was determined to build the business on his own without the need for partners who may not share his vision for a client-oriented credit repair business. “I didn’t want to have anyone trying to censor our content or have too much influence in the direction of the business.”

Being in the industry of credit repair for slightly over a decade and seeing everything that was being done wrong, Mike knew it was time to go out on his own and stop helping credit repair organizations that didn’t care about their clients and were only concerned with making their own pockets fatter. This was not Mike’s vision. 

In the past, Mike helped build credit repair companies up but wasn’t happy with the practice of keeping clients as long as possible. He saw it as unethical. Instead, he was more interested in creating a legitimate way to get clients better results and teach them everything they need to know to succeed with credit.

“I wanted to be able to teach my kids and family about the importance of credit. . . seeing how being Latino, we never heard about credit because our families believed only in cash.”

What Separates Mike and Limitless Culture Credit Repair from Other Companies?

Mike worked hard to build on Facebook and Instagram but decided to pivot around November 2020 and push into TikTok. “We began the push into TikTok, and we took off and have grown our following to over 500k in our first year on TikTok.”

Many other credit repair companies do not truly understand credit and give away so much misinformation. Limitless Culture Credit Repair lives, eats, and sleeps everything credit. They do not use old washed-up methods for credit repair. Unlike most other credit repair companies, they have zero interest in keeping clients forever. 

Mike, the TikTok Credit Guy, has pushed Limitless Culture to become the leading credit repair solution in this industry with the help and growth of @limitlessculture’s TikTok. In one of Limitless Culture’s most popular videos on TikTok, Mike teaches a hack to remove old information from your credit report. Check the video out here.

Credit plays a huge part in all of our lives. You can’t do very much without credit, from buying a car to just buying a cell phone. Without credit, life can be very expensive. For many people, credit can be an incredibly overwhelming process. 

Getting your credit back up to par isn’t quick nor straightforward. Mike and the team at Limitless Culture Credit Repair give you the tools and knowledge that allow even the most challenged of us to come out on top.

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