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How COVID Has Exploded the Housing Market

Covid-19 has exploded the housing market, especially in Los Angeles. Real estate is booming all over the nation as more and more people are trying to get their hands on a home. Home prices have soared, inventory has lowered.

Even though it has become a seller’s market, interest rates are at a historic all-time low, for some people as low as 2.5%. This has attracted many to purchase a property as soon as they can. We’re seeing people become more serious and eager about investing in properties. 

Since the pandemic transformed most people into homebodies, the “home” has now become everything for Arash’s clientele. Arash Davidi, a major player in L.A. Real Estate, has helped many “work from home” clients find their dream property that provides the ideal space for lounging, entertaining, raising kids, and of course, working.

As “Your Essential Neighborhood Realtor,” Arash also provides relocation services for those desiring to have a piece of the SoCal dream for out-of-state buyers.

How Arash Gives Clients a Unique Real Estate Experience

Arash was previously in the field of mental health. He carries a master’s degree in psychology. Real estate is half psychology, half business. Being in the field of mental health for so many years has enabled Arash to connect with individuals of a wide variety of cultural and social backgrounds.

“As a former mental health professional, I can now see many intersections between mental health and real estate. Buying or selling a home can be nerve-racking and a very emotional process. Many clients seek my services after a tragedy/hardship (divorce, death of a loved one, etc.). My clients often think of me as their “real estate therapist” because I am containing their anxiety about buying a home, providing solutions to their financial problems, and holding their hands during the emotional roller coaster process of what we call escrow.”

Being fluent in Farsi and Spanish has also enabled Arash to cater to the Middle Eastern and Latino populations of SoCal. He remains highly knowledgeable and familiar with different neighborhoods of the San Fernando Valley and the greater Los Angeles area. He is a native Angeleno after all,  and this has benefited him greatly when providing real estate services throughout Los Angeles County.  

Tips for Successfully Buying a Home Post-Covid

Being with a powerhouse real estate team that has collaborated with other successful real estate professionals such as Josh and Heather Altman from Million Dollar Listing and the Oppenheim Group, Arash has gained a wealth of knowledge. Here are his tips for successfully buying a home post-Covid:

  • Continue saving money towards down payment. 
  • Work on your credit score and stay on top of it.
  • Pay all your bills on time.
  • Keep all credit card balances as low as possible.

In Arash’s second year of real estate, he has already “Capped” and has produced a volume of $20 million in real estate transactions. At Keller Williams, capping means when an agent meets their threshold of volume for sales. Arash also received the “Top Agent” producer award for 2021.  

Arash credits this to being a huge people person. He loves interacting with others and meeting new people every day. “Real estate is all about relationships. Who wouldn’t want to look at stunning properties all day in Los Angeles and host fun open house parties? I feel blessed to be part of an exciting and rewarding profession.”

Company: Arash Davidi – L.A. Real Estate 

Phone #: 818.669.4277



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