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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW : GeoMike122 is back on the scene with a brand new studio album: “Michael Ciolino”


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 GeoMike122 is ready to welcome a new year with a fantastic new release: “Michael Ciolino”. What makes this release quite special is the fact that the artist managed to treat the audience to a remarkably diverse listening experience. He has a wide range of musical influences that define his sound, and as a result, “Michael Ciolino” feels like a truly diverse taste of what GeoMike122 can bring to the table. In addition to the artist’s impressive inventiveness, “Michael Ciolino” also boasts a truly awesome approach to production. The sound is clear and impeccable, and it feels like the mixes are well-constructed, with pretty much everything the album needs in order to stand out and provide the audience with a more immersive listening experience as a whole.

You should most definitely give this new release a proper go, if you like music that’s made with a lot of personality and with a unique feel.Find out more about GeoMike122, and do not miss out on “Michael Ciolino”, which is currently available on some of the web’s best digital music streaming platforms, and beyond.

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