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Award-winning singer, songwriter, and speaker, Chloe Temtchine has not skipped a beat since she received a new set of lungs that saved her life.

She just released a brand-new song titled “Freedom.” In an interview, she revealed: “This song is about the importance of feeling free to express how you feel and what you think, whatever that may be.”

After almost losing her life several times, being on oxygen for seven years due to a life-threatening illness she endured for 12 years (Pulmonary Hypertension), going into cardiac arrest, being in a coma and on life support (ECMO), and then being the recipient of a life-saving, double-lung transplant, Chloe, who has always maintained that perspective is key in life, definitely doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Even less so now than prior to facing all these challenges.

In an interview with Chloe, she said that she prefers to refrain from revealing exactly what her songs are about so that the listener can feel free to develop his or her own interpretation of, and connection to, her music. When listening to Chloe’s lyrics, it is clear that she is a firm believer in one’s right to express himself or herself.

When it comes to expressing herself, Chloe doesn’t hold back. She has managed to find a unique way to spread her message of hope and to empower others by creating four identical sisters — “The Oxygen Sisters,” as she likes to refer to them — who give her a way to express the many lessons she has learned about life in a more comedic and fun way.

Despite the fact that Chloe’s story is as dramatic as they come, it is clear that Chloe herself is not. In her uniquely subtle way, she elucidates what freedom means to her: “Everything that has happened in my life is a reminder of how precious time is and of the fact that I want to spend that time being who I genuinely am. And that includes feeling free to speak my mind.”

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A few lyrics from her song “Freedom:”

“If I’m really free then why can’t I just feel 

Free to speak my mind say what I mean for real

Maybe I’ll say the wrong thing but even if I do

If my intentions are good what’s it matter to you

Is this really freedom?”


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