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Interview with TikTok creator Bryce Parker

What made you get into social media?

Growing up I always had an infatuation with developing a fanbase. The fact that people around the world would make the decision to keep up with someone’s content was fascinating to me. I wanted to be on the end of that stick where people kept up with my content. Finally with TikTok I found a platform where I could grow my fanbase and manifest that dream.

When did you decide to pursue social media full time?

I remember back at 300K followers, my parents wanted me to get a job, go to school etc, follow the standard path that most kids take. However, since I followed social media, I knew that with my following if I continued to develop it I could make social media my full time career. My TikTok blew up, and I quickly got to 1M. I visited LA for the first time, came back to my hometown after experiencing the LA influencer lifestyle, and my parents gave me their full support.

Why did you decide to move to LA?

Following the social media world closely, it was obvious to me that LA was the necessary step to take my following to the next level. Not only is there countless creators to collab with, it is the hub for brand deals and everything “influencer” related. There was only so much growth and opportunity that could be had if I stayed in my hometown. 

How are you monetizing your brand?

There are a few different ways I make money as a creator. First, the TikTok creator fund which pays you for your views on the app. Second, I do a good amount of brand deals in which a brand pays for a certain amount of posts across my social media. Lastly, I have done merch in the past that was successful, and hope to bring that back with new items soon since I have a love for fashion. 

What do you miss about hometown life?

It is the little things that I took for granted that I miss most about hometown life. Going home for holidays and events, it’s always nice to see old family and friends, go to the high school sporting events, and live that normal small town life. Polar opposite to life in LA where everything is done on such a grand scale, it’s nice to experience both ends.

What are the drawbacks of social media?

There are so many perks of being in the social media space, but definitely some drawbacks too. The most obvious one is the backlash and hate that a creator can face for making a small mistake on social media. With millions of people watching, fans are always going to find something to get mad about. Also, cancel culture is a real thing, especially in LA where it can be a toxic environment at times. Creators can get sucked into the LA lifestyle super easily.

What’s next for Bryce Parker?

In the next few months I really want to expand my social media platforms, as well as get into modeling. I have been focused heavily on developing my modeling portfolio since photography is a huge passion of mine. Hopefully I can make that dream a reality in the coming months. Beyond modeling, I want to diversify my content on platforms like YouTube and Twitch, I have always been into gaming and would love to grow my following there. Not only is it a new monetary source, but also a way for my dedicated fans to keep up with me on all forms of social media.

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