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Tama Leia: The Rise of an Exceptional Artist

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Novelist/actress Tama Leia looks as if she just stepped off the runway in her stunning pink mesh gown adorned with fur, (pictured in Malibu CA).

Leia is someone you cannot take your eyes off. She has long dark hair and blue eyes and an innocent and captivating stare. But do not be fooled by her innocence because this girl knows how to create an impact and push through all the barriers to create what she wants.

It wouldn’t be wrong if I called her a beauty with brains because how else do you define someone with such a bright personality and a blossoming business like hers. After all, she goes to Harvard Business School and it reflects in how she strategically handles both her personal and professional life.

Currently, she is looking forward to releasing her novel, an ambitious project Leia has been working on for the past year. 

For someone like her, the learning never stops. She feels that every day is a chance for improving herself, and making a positive impact all around.
Leia’s main focus is on giving back to others with every action she takes. She has made it a point to contribute to society through her work.

“It feels like I am building my castle. With each brick I lay I become even more encouraged to continue my masterpiece,” she has been quoted to say while explaining her plans.

Throughout the years, she has graced countless movie sets and shared her ideas with an abundance of different projects. She lent her hand to acting, producing, directing, singing, and most prominently writing.  All of this led her to create something of her own.

It was in mid-2019 that Leia met a French Beauty editor at the Brighter Future for Children Gala, who inspired her to focus on what she loves. That is when she realized the true importance of creating her world where she would be able to help as many people as she wanted to through her company.

A lot of things changed for Leia that night at the gala. Despite always knowing what she wanted to do, the talk with the French Beauty editor ignited a spark inside her all over again.

Leia has faced her fair share of challenges on her way. It has not always been a smooth ride for her. When the pandemic hit the world, she had to pause her business plans and her company came to a standstill for almost a year.

It was in March 2020 that she realized the damage caused by COVID-19. During that time she was in the midst of creating jewelry pieces with sculptors and preparing for her fashion line, which at that time only consisted of minimalist T-shirts, sweatshirts and stylish totes. When she had to pause everything, she took the time as an opportunity to reevaluate what she was already doing and to expand her vision leading her to create and rework everything she had done taking it to a higher level. In April 2021 she started adding exquisite wool sweaters, silk and satin loungewear, dresses and jumpsuits.

With all the hard work, strategizing and planning throughout the years, she keeps the knowledge close to her heart that the most important thing for her to do is to continue giving back to others which has played a huge role in her life. She believes in raising awareness of worldly conditions through acts of kindness and good deeds.

Leia did not shy away from sharing her upcoming plans and previews of the campaigns that she is working on. The images she shared look very promising. Her style is very sophisticated and draws the audience in. She incorporates elements such as oceans, European statues, overcast skies and luscious fabrics. 

The storyteller in her comes out when talks about her beautiful films. She understands framing and knows how to edit a scene. Her voice as a narrator is like music to your ears when you listen to it. To say that the camera loves her and the love is mutual won’t be an overstatement.

While talking about how she manages everything so gracefully she said, “Make it fun and take it in stride. “ 

People like Leia are rare to find in this age and time. Her hard work and love for learning are endearing. However, the secret to her glow is her truly refreshing optimism.

By the end of the conversation, Leia was kind enough to read the first two chapters of her upcoming novel to me. She is a brilliant and talented artist. Her vision for capturing characters  draws the audience in and keeps them wanting more.

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Photo by Tim Sabatino

Makeup by Daniel Shia

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