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Philip Brooks Is Changing Lives through His Little Butterflies Franchise

Early childhood experiences contribute a lot to our well-being even as adults. Your perceptions and worldviews are, in part, informed by the things you heard and saw as a child, whether they are positive or negative.

That’s one of the reasons why childcare matters. You want to enroll your children in a safe school where they’ll get holistic education and be nurtured from a young age. Philip Brooks knows that firsthand and ensures his Little Butterflies Learning Center franchise offers that and more.

Philip is a big proponent of exposing children to different experiences beyond their immediate realities. As an African American, he still gets weird looks from some people when they find out he is a business owner. Personally, he is one of the lucky few who had the opportunity to experience different cultures and learn multiple languages while they were young.

Philip signed a contract to play professional basketball overseas right after graduating from college. He spent the next 8 years playing in Germany, Spain, Qatar, Kosovo, Columbia, and Macedonia. After living with different people for so long, Philip managed to learn different languages and cultures by the time he retired from basketball.

Soon after his retirement, Philip married and came back to the U.S. with his wife Makedonka. She has a background in early childhood education and that’s how the idea to start Little Butterflies took shape. The two brought their experiences together in 2017 and opened the first Little Butterflies Learning Center in their hometown of Dallas, Texas.

The center’s exclusive education model made it stand out from others and quickly made a name for itself. For instance, no other school in the city offered an international experience quite like Little Butterflies. The center introduced international languages in its programs giving young children a taste of diversity at an early age.

By introducing these diverse age-appropriate experiences, the centers have helped to impart knowledge, attitudes, and skills to many children that will help them navigate the complex world we live in today.

The brand’s work gained popularity and they started experiencing tremendous growth. Within four years, they opened three more centers in other locations. 

Recently, Philip and his team took another step and changed the early childhood landscape further. They franchised their unique tools and exclusive business models globally in a bid to expand their brand across the country. So far, the expansion is going well and new Little Butterflies Learning Centers will be set up in early 2022.

Philip’s dream for the future is to have 100 Little Butterflies Learning Center locations in different parts of the world. He admits that it might take time but he is passionate and unwilling to give up. The way he sees it, the only difficult things are those not started. Anything you believe in gets easier with time.

Little Butterflies Learning Center is setting standards for others in the early childhood sector to follow and Philip is proud about that. However, that doesn’t mean he is finished. He motivates himself to get better every day in readiness for even bigger and better things in the future.

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