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Fan Pass Live Is Revolutionizing the Music Industry

Robert and Dean, you two have over 27 years of experience in technology; outside of your success with Friendable and now FanPass Live, what other projects have you launched in your careers?

My brother and I have launched the following products, ventures, and companies together: 

  1. Netcom Online Communications – Our cousin was the founder, and I, Robert, became the 3rd employee with more than 400 employees by our IPO in 1993. The company was sold to Sky Dayton “Earthlink” in LA – 1996. 
  2. Digital Data Express – Digital, Video, and Software Tutorial Products Company.
  3. Internet Made Simple – Retail Product – Box set. 
  4. First VHS instructional Video to be bundled with the first dial-up ISP’s 
  5. Simply Interactive – Interactive Educational / Tutorial Products – INTERNET CONNECTED 
  6. – Online community / Portal Website (My Space – Geo Cities Competitor) a. Connect CD ROM 
  7. – Partners with Nettaxi & Herbie Herbert (Founder & Manager of Journey, Mr. Big, Guns & Roses and Also “MUSIC.COM – 1998 
  8. America’s Biggest – “Video Community” Americas biggest band, solo artist, etc. 2005 
  9. Music – Talent – Undiscovered 
  10. Friendable, Inc. 2014 – (Parent Company of – Fan Pass, Inc.) – Social, Mobile, technology 

Fan Pass Live – 2018 – Launched July 24, 2020

What specifically about these past ventures in technology helped you create Fan Pass Live? 

Thinking back to my early teenage years, I always loved music and discovered new artists in general. My brother (and now business partner) formed a band when he was in junior high, including our cousin as the lead singer. I was about 15 years old at the time. I had the luxury of being involved in small productions, performances, and eventually watching their band perform at some very well-known spots on Sunset Strip in Hollywood, “The Roxy” and “Whiskey”… and the entire band was all under 18! This experience in and of itself led me to know I/we would always have music or entertainment of some kind in our careers, no matter what. 

My brother Dean Rositano and I began partnering with music industry executives and talent in late 1998 when we had an online community/portal that was a Myspace competitor. Our partners included “Herbie Herbert (Founder and Manager of Journey, Mr. Big, Guns & Roses, and many others) as well as Bill Graham (Herbie’s partner), and we were filing bands in a San Francisco studio back then so we could archive video and share with fans of our music community.

This venture led to our launch of a company we named “America’s Biggest,” which was launched on July 4, 2005, and was all about “America’s Biggest Band, Solo artist, etc.” It was the first and only video community online, launched two weeks before any of us knew about “YouTube” and utilizing the same San Francisco studio and partners to record live performances for fan voting, merch sales, etc. all from our website…this company was sold 90 days following launch and following $5k monthly paid out to bands in prize money! 

Fan Pass Live is the evolution of all we have brought to market in the past and was envisioned as a behind-the-scenes “Livestream app” for fans worldwide. We have that “Backstage and Exclusive content” feel…but the Pandemic created the need for Fan Pass to become much more than a “Backstage application.” This is why our primary goal was to build Fan Pass into an all-inclusive “Virtual Stage, Platform, Streaming and eventually music distribution platform” that would support artists at any stage of their career and assist in building/launching careers! 

You launched Fan Pass Live just before the onset of the Covid-19 Pandemic. At the time of launch, did you see a trend of artists turning to online streaming performances as an additional form of revenue outside of live in-person performances?

Yes, we did, and we also had been building to fill an enormous hole in the marketplace as well. The emergence of technology, wifi availability, and overall computing power of mobile devices advanced so quickly that what we had developed in 2005 was now viable on a whole new level with streaming video. Although Facebook and Instagram had released their LIVE Features, there were cry’s coming from artists all around who were using these features to capture revenue, receive a tip, sell some merch, or anything other than a live message to fans. Artists were forced to push their fans to separate websites or click various links to show their support, which is just not a solution for artists at any stage of their career if they seek revenue-generating opportunities! 

How do you feel FanPass Live has changed the mindset of artists since your launch? 

I think the biggest thing we have heard so far is the artist’s JOY to have a Live platform that has been shaped, molded, and iterated based on their feedback! Additionally, our team continues to receive accolades about the one-to-one attention artists receive when joining the Fan Pass community; we wrap the artist with a set of artist-specific services, which is why we like to say, “Fan Pass is a true artist partner”! 

With the emergence of VR dominating the gaming and tech industry, do you see FanPass Live partnering with or incorporating VR onto the Platform for users to have a completely immersive experience with the artists? 

This is a great question, as well as an interesting one. Although I agree with this segment of the market, what it can mean for artists and fans etc., it’s an area Fan Pass will be partnering for as the market plays itself out a bit; this is not an immediate focus, nor do we believe it will be a core of our business. I learned early on that trying to be everything to everyone or “all artists” creates a fragmented experience when building something new and disruptive. To be the best requires focus, which is what we have alongside our growing artist community. 

How has the Pandemic affected the growth of FanPass Live? 

Pre-Pandemic, Fan Pass Live was developed and designed as the “Fly on the Wall” Livestream mobile app for backstage experiences and Livestream content to artist-fan bases. This way, those who could not be on location could view right from the palm of their hands/mobile device. 

The concept was sound, the artist loved it, and it was envisioned as a $2.99 monthly subscription (about the cost of a few songs from your favorite artist). This would CREATE AN ENTIRELY NEW REVENUE STREAM for each artist promoting to their fans as Fan Pass would be sharing a portion of the $2.99 with each artist on a recurring monthly basis. 

WELL…the Pandemic hit, and we immediately expanded our vision to move from backstage opportunities after or following the end of the Pandemic…to becoming the “Virtual Stage,” an all-inclusive artist offering Fan Pass is today! 

Our growth has been solid as we kicked off our release on July 24, 2020, with 16 total artists on the Platform and has grown to over 6,000 artists signed up to date (CHECK BACK WITH FAN PASS – WE ARE CLOSING A TRANSACTION THAT PUSHES OUR NUMBER TO OVER 100,000 ARTISTS!! 

What do you feel are the most significant attributes that Fan Pass Live brings to the music industry today? 

Accessibility (web, Apple iOS & Google Android) 

Ease of use 

Expanded capabilities for full-blown multi-camera events 

Personalized service 

Label services – No Label Ownership 

We are launching and monetizing talent from anywhere – Virtual Performances.

Engaging UI/UX for both the artists and their fans.

Channel and Genre specific – easy for artists and fans to discover by choice/likes.

Interactive between artists and fans. 

We are merchandising with no inventory or up-front fees.


Fan Pass Live 

 “Music, in(ter)action” 


Your Livestream performance partner, featuring: 

* Livestream ticket sales, social promotions, merchandise designs, dropshipping, and genuine independent artist “Music Distribution Services.”


Together, we are every Independent artist’s “Label” without having a “Record Label”… it’s all about services and support that launch careers, yet allowing each artist to maintain control! 

Services Include: 

*Live Streaming Events (Booking, Ticket Sales, Tips & Promotion)

*Exclusive Custom Merchandise Designs (*Artist Pro Service) 

*Merchandise e-commerce Merch shop – Drop Shipping (*Artist Pro service – NO INVENTORY REQUIRED) 

*Social Media Promotions – (upon scheduled event on Fan Pass event calendar)

*Fan subscriptions = FREE TRIAL – after seven days, subscribers pay $2.99 monthly (SHARE MONTHLY REVENUE) 

*Play Listing (Add your song to a personally curated artist playlist – various genres and artists available) 

*Storefront to sell samples/beats

*Music Distribution services (multiple opportunities, Fan Pass partner exposure, national press coverage, inclusion in music pr distribution “**company approval needed for certain services.”

*Freelance opportunities to get hired to work on another artist’s work (feature, producer, etc.)

Your Platform offers a wide variety of options for an artist to utilize upon signing up on your Platform; how do you work with artists that already have merch and graphic design options ready to use? 

Great question, and that’s where we feel we shine. It’s easy to google an artist and find merch that already exists; at least that’s what most fans do, and that’s what we want BECAUSE when they join Fan Pass, we want to take an entirely new look at what the artist has in merch today, what styles, colors, characters, symbols, etc. they are into and how our team can create a custom piece or collection that will be used to promote to their fans, these EXCLUSIVE NEW MERCH PIECES are ONLY AVAILABLE ON FAN PASS! 

The artist must approve all designs, of course. However, if there is only one option *(selling their existing merch), our system can accommodate that type of relationship with a mutually agreeable merch %. 

Fan Pass does offer a set of “Pro Services,” which also provides Logo designs that can be incorporated into merch designs. Should an up-and-coming artist not have a logo themselves, which is a popular service for us. 

We also offer an Artist Pro, which is really ALL ABOUT THE MERCH… and for $8.99 monthly, the artist receives Merch designs, their own storefront, fan and merch sales analytics, and all the inventory drop-shipping direct to their fans/customers. 

From the fan’s point of view, how do the virtual tickets/passes work on your Platform? For example, can the fans share them or gift them to other users not currently signed up on Fan Pass Live if they can’t make a virtual show? 

Another great question and potentially a great idea as well…we will vet this with our team! Currently, the way our system works, these tickets are non-refundable but can be used to Tip the Artist or donate. IF AN ARTIST CANCELS, all fans are automatically refunded. 

What are the goals for the Fan Pass Live team for 2022 as you gear up for the Holiday Season? 

Our goals are simple…More Press☺ 

  1. To grow our artist roster to greater than 300,000 artists with a diversity of genres represented. 
  2. Have word of mouth in the artist community become a viral driver of the Fan Pass brand and opportunity to deliver REAL INCOME and CAREER LAUNCHING SERVICES 
  3. Grow our organization to support artist growth 
  4. Expand our Music Distribution and Playlisting Services 
  5. Begin partnering with Venues to EXTEND THE STAGE so SOLD-OUT performances can purchase a Virtual Ticket on Fan Pass 
  6. Schedule particular A-list artists/talent on the Platform – Inviting tens of millions of fans to download Fan Pass and having these Fans “Discover the Undiscovered” on Fan Pass 
  7. CONTENT, CONTENT and More CONTENT – Leading to more Fan Subscribers – Growing Revenue for the Business and Artists collectively 

If you could sign three new artists to the Platform today, who would they be and why? What is it about them that would be a mutually beneficial relationship for FanPass Live and the artists?

Britney Spears – This is a no brainer; after reading an article that quoted Britney stating, “I never want to perform anywhere ever again…unless it’s from my own couch,” I believe this would be a tremendous opportunity to show the artist and fan community just how Fan Pass was designed to support that connection between artist and fan…this would be a CASE STUDY that could be followed like a roadmap for all artists at any stage of their career. 

Adele – Major recognition, broad appeal, and not performing LIVE for an undisclosed period…due to her fear and fear of making fans uncomfortable with COVID still viable. 

Justin Bieber – Major fan base, social followers, influence (male & female demo beyond music – fashion with Hailey, etc.) and generally accustomed to assisting up and coming talent get recognized and build careers. Social followers alone could become fans of many Fan Pass artists, and a LIVE PERFORMANCE on the Platform would be enough to propel our Platform to viral status, I believe. 

Snoop Dogg- He’s just such an icon in the music industry and pop culture as a whole. He could really galvanize the entire Rap/Hip Hop genre and we would love to have him onboard our platform!!

How do you feel about working with artists signed to major labels? 

We feel good about it, but it’s not really about how we think; most often, the labels create roadblocks or must control what the artist is doing on a 360 basis or globally, but we are always seeking ways of building bridges. With everyone in the industry! 

Does FanPass Live work strategically with radio promo for streaming your shows? For instance, with iHeart Radio’s Jingle Bell concert series or other FM radio shows?

Fan Pass does have the infrastructure to allow this to happen but would have separately curated relationships based on initiatives to make this happen with specific strategic partners.  

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