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How Little Butterflies Became the #1 School

Sending your child to daycare is a huge parenting milestone. It’s also one of the most overwhelming and difficult decisions, especially finding the perfect learning centre for your little one. 

Every parent wants to find an institution where their child will be safe, and they can monitor their progress during the day. Unfortunately, such learning centres are rare, and parents have to trust the words of the caregivers. Little Butterflies is a learning centre that has gone above and beyond to ensure child safety and provide the parents with peace of mind. Their exceptional care has enabled them to quickly become the top in the DFW area.

Little Butterflies has an app called Arlo, which allows parents to monitor their child’s activities remotely through their PC, tablet or phone. According to Phillip Brooks, the CEO and Founder of Little Butterflies, one of the reasons they decided to have an app is to reassure parents of their children’s safety and allow them to analyze their children’s performance.

Together with his team of loving caregivers, they are dedicated to stimulating intellectual growth with the highest quality infant and childcare. The caregivers are also trained to teach and recognize verbal and non-verbal communication of toddlers. By doing so, they are helping nurture young talent and educate children on other valuable skills. Currently, their curriculum supports 0-12-year-olds, where they have a wide range of interesting and educational programs classified by age.

Little Butterflies is a strong supporter of diversity in early childhood programs, and they teach several languages, including Spanish, Chinese, French and German, among others.

In a highly diverse world, learning about different cultures helps break down cultural barriers and gives the children in their care cultural awareness and acceptance. The team at Little Butterflies notes that children begin to notice differences and evaluate others from a young age; therefore, exposing children to diversity early helps prepare children to live and work successfully in today’s world.

Their program focuses on emotional intelligence and development, and allows children to be in touch with their feelings and speak their minds. Little Butterflies is helping them feel good about themselves, their families, and communities while exposing them to experiences beyond their immediate surroundings. Their individualized attention to each child allows the caregivers recognize their interests early and start fostering them.

The adolescent period can seem like a whirlwind of rapidly changing emotions that are tricky to both the child and the parent. The team at Little Butterflies explains that during adolescence, there’s so much going on that can affect a child’s physical, social, and emotional state. For their preadolescent(10-12) years, Little Butterflies has adapted a program that involves recognizing environmental factors that hinder learning. This program helps mitigate the effect of stress by enabling the children to become more resilient. Additionally, they offer dance classes for Hip-hop, Ballet and Tap, and Soccer Classes for all ages.

As they continue to thrive, Little Butterflies is redefining the daycare industry. Their app and loving caregivers are ensuring parents do not have to worry about the safety of their children.

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