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Diana Perkovic: “Women, It’s Time to Disrupt Our Own Lives”

Picture this. You’re living the “dream” life. Designer shoes, fancy cars, working in television, interviewing A-List celebrities, and you’re sitting in your beautiful waterfront home sitting by the window watching the beautiful sunset…sounds great right?

For Empowerment Coach Diana Perkovic, it was not. This was her life and she would sit at that window looking over the water, feeling unhappy and unfulfilled. She felt constant guilt for wanting a different life. She would think to herself that she should just be grateful and happy because someone would kill for what she had. But, deep down, Perkovic knew she had a calling for something else. 

While she felt all of these emotions pouring in, she also had her life simultaneously turned upside down. Her father passed away, her marriage fell apart ending in divorce, she quit her TV Host job and moved cross country. She suddenly went from having everything together, to having no idea what her next move would be.

Recently, when I spoke with Perkovic about her emotions during this time, she expressed to me that she felt as if she lost her identity. She was no longer a wife, a daughter, or a TV Host. She felt extreme guilt for wanting a different career life, and she felt her feelings were made invalid because she was a woman and was made to think she should just stick it out and be grateful. But, she came to the realization that that was bullsh*t. She took the reigns of her own life and became her own disruptor. This change in perspective led her to find her authentic empowerment as a woman.

Her journey to authentic empowerment was nowhere near easy, and while she had her friends and family by her side helping her, she looked back and realized she really could’ve used a professional in empowerment coaching to help her.

This is what led her to create Good Girl Mafia. A company designed to help women on their authentic empowerment journey. If you are seeking a change in your life, big or small, GGM has your back. GGM offers a variety of ways for women all over the world, at any stage in their lives, to take power and be their own disruptors in their life. So, if you are seeking to gain confidence, improve social skills, create healthy relationships, learn more about yourself and create the life you envision for yourself, please check out GGM. GGM has helped a variety of women, anywhere from high-level executives to students find their authentic empowerment. Perkovic has been certified as a Neurolinguistic Programming Master Practitioner, a Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, a Motivational Coach and she has two certifications as a Life Coach. She curates from each to create a customized program for every woman.

If you have any questions or want more information check out the links below.

Perkovic is also currently offering a FREE breakthrough call for anyone interested in her program. I highly recommend any woman to check it out. You won’t regret taking this step to a better future.

Instagram: @Goodgirlmafia

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