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The Motivation for Embracing Trials and Hardships- Romail Gulzar

With success comes challenges; be assured that you are ready to face them!

Consistency and maintenance of businesses are becoming challenging day by day. It was easy for people to open up a small business and get successful slowly in the past. Now, with time, everything has evolved. From business to technology, everything has gained a set of new rules and regulations. Even though our ancestors had a hard time, they knew they could be successful somewhere without proper guidance.

In today’s era of revolution, it is not easy for youth to succeed. Today’s corporate world requires proper attention and assistance; without guidance, nobody can march forward. Youth is the future of every country, economy, and even the world. To give our descendants a better life, it is important to provide the youth with some proper tips and tricks to exist. One of those individuals who believes in youth is Romail Gulzar.

The Initial Hardships

Born on 17th December, in Lahore, Pakistan. Gulzar belonged to a Christian committee. Since the beginning, he had the courage and power to achieve big things, but the religious conflict always held him back. He was a Christian living in Pakistan; he was always treated as a minority.

Even though he had the potential, but he never found the exposure. After realizing this fact, he moved out to Dubai in search of a better living style. He got a good job there, but his past traumas and fears still hunted him down in Dubai. Gulzar knew he was meant to achieve something remarkably big and fulfill his wish to be a CEO; he moved to the United Kingdom in 2000.

After arriving in the United Kingdom, Gulzar was finally granted official refugee status. He began to work hard, and he hustled to give himself and his family the lifestyle they deserved. Gulzar did every kind of job which he thought was beneficial for him. From a factory worker to a restaurant cleaner, he did multiple jobs just to support his family. But even in these hard times, Gulzar never lost his vision of being an entrepreneur.

Beginning of Gulzar’s Era

Gulzar always had a passion for pursuing arts and culture as his career. But because of the struggle and challenges he faced, Gulzar decided to create a link and bridge the gap between different communities and generations of the city he lived in. He wanted to provide refugee artists a platform and opportunities which he wished he had.

This vision and mission of linking communities together made Gulzar open up his own Christian charity organization, the pukaar project. It is a multi-culture community that motivates and promotes young artists to come up and show their talent, regardless of the community and ethical group.

With time, the Pukaar project got exposure, and Gulzar started organizing curry events on a monthly basis. Musical workshops, band performances, and every such event were organized casually by Gulzar. Things were going great until 2007. In that year, the recession had hit the economy, which meant lower investments and funds. Because of this issue, the project had to be closed.

How it is Going

Even though in 2007 pukaar was closed down, by this time, Gulzar knew he had the potential to build a business and stay focused on the people of his community. To continue his legacy, Gulzar moved to the City of Leicester. Since hard work does not go unnoticed, Gulzar slowly started developing his brand name again.

To make ends meet and end the lackings, Gulzar decided to enroll in a college. There he started doing courses that he found relevant to his interest. While being at the college, he even started his own news agency, ‘Pukaar News.’ Since the beginning, the agency has had a lot of viewers. With time, it became the best news agency in Midlands, with headquarter in Leicester.

Gulzar’s constant struggle and hustle to inspire the youth always remained his first objective, and slowly he achieved that. He showed everyone with success come hardships and challenges. Only the person who has the potential can embrace these challenges smartly, just like Gulzar.

Even today, Pukaar news is growing. Later on, Gulzar found and launched a talent show, ‘Leicester’s Got Talent.’ Since the start, he has been working hard for his homeland, and to date, he is supporting and motivating youth.

People like Gulzar are the ones who tell the world, in the end, talent is what matters. Community, tradition, and culture are the second factors to be considered when it comes to hunting talent.

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